Dear Lose Baby Weight.

Thank you for putting on the January Challenge! After going on your 28 Day plan and weight loss plans, I have reached my goal of getting back in to the 70s (kgs) and I am feeling fit and healthy. I also lost 9cm off my waist!

My son is now 4months old. I put on 18kgs during my pregnancy, tipping the scales at 92kgs. Soon after I had lost 6kgs then another 2.5kgs by using tools and recipes through your facebook page. But I found that I was still trying to do things my own way and counting kilojoules. I was putting too much pressure on myself and having little success.

The difference came as soon as I purchased your 28 day plan. The idea of fitting in shorter bursts of exercise rather than big blocks was the first change for me. I also found the recipes fantastic, especially the meatballs.

My husband wondered where all this delicious food was coming from and was very surprised to learn I got the recipes from Lose Baby Weight. Its such a practical and healthy plan that has even resulted in a healthy milk supply for my big baby boy.

The best moment came when I ran some kids games at my nieces party at the end of the month, in front of about 50 people! I was no longer self-concious and felt just like everybody else. I also had plenty of energy to run around all day with my little one.
Thanks again for your plans, website, and regular tips and motivation. I feel great and I am confident that I will reach my next goal of getting back to my pre-baby weight of 74kgs.
Blue top- start of Jan
Yellow dress- end of Jan
Thanks again
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