Motivating Mum Janet Cook shares her top tips for weight loss with Lose Baby Weight.
Three weeks into the month of October and I’m feeling great! This month has been very busy socially and also with travel and long days away from home. I’ve learnt a few lessons in this time and I’m excited to be taking them into the November 28 Day Challenge!
Drinking more water: We are told this all the time so it’s nothing new but this really hit home for me this month. My results stalled even though I was being active and eating well. I was also feeling bloated and lethargic. I realized I was a little dehydrated so I upped my water intake- I lost ½ kg by the next day! As I wasn’t hydrated properly my body was retaining fluids and was no longer functioning efficiently. This was a big lesson for me.
Preparation: Having visitors, meeting friends and being away from home has taken a lot of preparation and planning. There are so many delicious, healthy meal options through Lose Baby Weight and I have also started to always serve a big bowl of veggies or salad on the table. I fill up my plate with vegetables first before adding a protein and I avoid adding carbs. This keeps me on track when I’m eating food that isn’t part of an LBW plan.
Belief: I was jogging the other day and I couldn’t believe how much easier it was than the first time I jogged just a few weeks earlier. I thought about how much strength mums have – how they would do anything for their kids especially if they were in danger, like how fast and long we could run if they needed us and we weren’t there. It reminded me that we are all capable of more than we think- we just have to push ourselves.
I regularly look back on photos of myself after losing weight through Lose Baby Weight after my first son and how I maintained that weight until I was four months pregnant with my second. It reminds me of how happy and healthy I looked and felt but also reminded me of my potential. With the tools and support from Lose Baby Weight I will do this!! I can’t wait for the November 28 Day Challenge to really step things up a gear!
Janet Cook
Stats so far:
Weight: 74.9kgs (-3)
Bust: 92cm (-5)
Waist: 89cm (-13)
Hips: 98cm (-5)
Thighs: 60cm (-1)
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