Hello Beautiful mummies,
I have lost 22kg with Lose Baby Weight and this month’s blog I want to talk about how I have changed things up this time around.
Lose Baby Weight- 22kg Loss
My scales recently keep going up and down and have been really stubborn, it’s starting to get very frustrating!
I decided to reassess everything and found I wasn’t eating enough. I decided to keep a visual food diary which helps keep me accountable.
So basically I take a picture if everything I eat during the day and make a collage out if my photos. I have alot of other Lose Baby Weight mummies following this post every night in the Private Facebook Support Group which is great.
I have completely changed up all my snacks and I’m loving having something different every day.
This month I have also upped my exercise and have joined a 6 week bootcamp challenge at my gym which I am loving.

I haven’t just re assessed my food I have also re assessed my goals and set a few more. One of them to complete a 10k run at the end of July.

Lose Baby Weight-22kg Loss

So over the next 10 weeks I will be training most days and at the end of July I will complete this 10k run. I’m super excited and can’t wait to put in all this hard work training.

The run i am running in will be a tribute to my grandma as the money I raise will be donated to Alzimers Australia. This is very close to my heart as my grandma is suffering from this terrible disease so I’m not only doing it for myself but I’m doing it for her and I would love to make her proud completing it.

Remember to constantly reassess where you are at because as you are losing weight your body starts to need different amounts of food and exercise.

Go on the lose baby weight website and check your bmr to find out your daily calorie intake.
Remember to constantly set new goals because they are very important as well.

Jade x

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