Jade shares her story after having some set backs in life she is now so happy following a healthy eating diet plan and loving not only the physical changes but also how she feels mentally. She lost 7kgs just by following the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
healthy_eating_diet_planMy name is Jade Shaw. I have a daughter who is now 9 months old. I had a horrible labour and was rushed in for an emergency C section where I almost lost my life. It took me a while to recover resulting in me gaining a lot of weight.
Previous to being pregnant I fought for years with myself to try and lose weight but always gave up. I finally found the courage to keep myself going and lost 30kilos, I was almost at my goal weight when I fell pregnant and was so happy.
At the start of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I felt like I was back to square one. I have recently come out of a terrible relationship with my ex where I was constantly put down and made to feel little about myself.  After feeling so terrible about myself for so many years I came across your wonderful Facebook page.
jadeI then joined the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Not only did I change physically but also mentally. My whole mind set and outlook on life has changed and I have all you beautiful girls to thank – and I can’t recommend the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge enough!
I also wanted to share my story because now I’m a single mum I’m not doing this for a sob story but I just want to show other mums that even being a single mum it’s still possible. By 23 September on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I lost 5kilos and 24cm off my stomach.
By the first week of october I have now lost 7kg
Thank you!
Jade Shaw
28 Day Challenge
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