We are so excited about February! Here are the teams of our FEBFRIENDZY motivating mums in February using the Healthy Mummy weight loss products and helping you to reach your own weight loss goals in February and beyond.
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Team Victoria!

Claire Redshaw and her friend Jannelle Battenally. Claire has lost 27kg with Lose Baby Weight and Jannelle has lost 15kg.

Claire – 27kg downClaireRedshaw_VIC

Janelle has lost 17kg

These February Motivating mums say: “We have noticed a considerable amount of women posting on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page stating they have little to no support from their partners/spouses/husbands/families members and that they are finding it difficult.
Well Jannelle and I want to be THEIR support. We both have made dramatic changes to our lifestyle to make us happier and healthier but also lose a considerable amount of weight.
We have benefited from losing our weight and it has helped with my mental health condition of depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder but also Jannelle’s health issues too. We want to help other women see that Lose Baby Weight is a family and we support each other.”

Team New South Wales!

Rylee McLean and her friend Samantha Brampton. Rylee has lost 15kg and Samantha 8kg.

Rylee has lost 15kg


Samantha has lost 8kg


Here’s what these February Motivating mums say: “Sam and I are best friends and we met when I was dealing with PND and because she had previously dealt with PND she was a huge help.
We started exercising together and soon I joined LBW and between us we have not only lost weight but overcome PND together and have grown stronger together and would love to help motivate other mums to not lose hope and know that others have struggled also. Sam is also my boss but because we see each other socially and for work its easy to keep each other accountable and focused.
Because we have been doing it together for at least six months as a team its not hard to stay motivated when doing something that has become a part of our lives and as best friends we always keep focused and accountable. I also owe Sam a huge thank you for introducing me to LBW and this will be my gift and my motivation for everything she has done for me.”

Team Victoria!

Annette Palma and her friend Tyrana Robinson. Annette has lost 19kg and Tyarna has lost 27ks.

Annette has lost 19kgAnnettePalma_QLD

Tyrana has lost 27kg

They say: We’ve supported, motivated and inspired each other along our weightloss journeys and we’d love to share that support, motivation and inspiration with the 1000s of other mums in the LBW Support Group to help them, and ourselves, continue to achieve our weightloss and fitness goals.
Neither one of us will ever give up because we are in this for life. We’re not here for a quick fix or fad diet. We’re here to continue working towards a healthy and fit lifestyle for ourselves and our families. We want our children to grow up knowing how to make healthy choices and live an active lifestyle. That doesn’t happen overnight which is why we will never give up and are committed to doing this EVERY SINGLE day!!”

Team Western Australia!

Ebony-Rose English and her friend Chloe Rizzi. Ebony-Rose has so far lost 6kg and with the help of her amazing friend she wants to lose another 35kg. Chloe has done so well by losing 19kg and wants another 17kg gone forever.

Ebony-Rose has lost 6kg


Chloe has lost 19kg

They both want to help show other mums that no matter how busy you are or how many kids you have you are worth every minute to focus on yourself and that you can do it. Ebony-Rose and Chloe want to continue working on improving towards a healthier balanced lifestyle for themselves and their families with the help of Lose Baby Weight.

Team Queensland!

Kaylie Leighton and her friend Emma Bates. Kaylie has lost almost 18kgs and Emma is super close to a 6kg loss.

Kaylie -18kg down


Emma has lost almost 6kg


Kaylie says: “We have committed to LBW for a long time now, Emma a number of months and myself for over a year. Almost anything life can throw at you we have had between the two of us and yet we still make healthy choices as a way of life. We want to inspire and motivate other mums to do the same and incorporate LBW into their daily life.
In January many people say their going to be healthier as part of a New Years resolution. We want to show and motivate those mums to continue throughout February too. We have encouraged each other for a long time and now we want to share it with others.
This is our life now. We are seeing results. We are fitter for ourselves and our families. We have lost our weight (and will keep going) and are never putting it back on!”

Team Victoria!

Laura Flanagan and her friend Sharna Liddell. Between the two of them they have lost an amazing 34 kilos. They want to lose another 30 and 25kgs.

Laura Flanagan


Sharna Liddell


Laura says: “Because Sharna and I share a passion for the Healthy Mummy. We both work really hard to lose weight and stay focused and it doesn’t always come easy, she has pcos and im recovering from hg but we don’t let that stop us kicking ass! Lose Baby Weight is and the Healthy Mummy is a way of life for me and I love sharing that with other women!”

Team South Australia!

Mel Briggs and her friend Samantha Woods. Mel has lost 23kg using LBW following her first pregnancy and is now in the process of losing weight following her pregnancy with twins who are 4months old.

Mel Briggs has lost 23kg


Samantha has lost an amazing 31.5kg to date since the birth of her 3rd child and this includes having a 4th child (who is 6months) in between. Wow!

Samantha Brampton has lost almost 32kg


Mel says: “Samantha and I met when we were in a post pregnancy facebook weightloss group together in 2013 after my 1st pregnancy and her 2nd pregnancy.  She was on a roll with her weightloss and I jumped on her inspiring weightloss bandwagon. Shortly after that I joined Lose Baby Weight.
Over the past few years we’ve become virtual friends and have recently both been pregnant again (I have twin 4 month olds and she has a 6month old). We’ve both encouraged one another with weight loss over the past almost 3 years and taken turns at helping motivate the other when one is flat or off track.
We will both not give up as we are strong mums who want to lose weight and get to our goals so we are healthy and can be role models for our young families. We want to also help, motivate and encourage other mums and show them they can do this too.”

Team South Australia!

Brooke Stagg and her friend Stefanie Kilner. Brooke has lost 46kg and Stef just under 10 kg.

Brooke – 46kg down


Stef has lost almost 10kg


Brooke says: “Stef has been an inspiring runner and for myself this has been my motivation to run like her.I want to make February the month I smash my running goals. Stef runs over 5km a day and does many park runs. I want to achieve 3km runs by the end of February. I have ran 1km every day and now almost at 2 with out stopping. For me this is a huge accomplishment.
We check in every day to make sure we are on track and help motivate each other so I know together we can inspire the other members too.”

Team South Australia!

Alex Solomon and her friend Kayleen Johnson. Alex has lost 18kg and over 60 cm from her body since using Lose Baby Weight. Kayleen has lost 11kg. They want to loose 30 kilos between them.

Alex has lost 18kg


Kayleen has lost 11kg


Alex says: “Kayleen and I haven’t actually met in real life but formed a bond online during our Motivating Mum time. We chat regularly and encourage each other to push to our limits in our everyday lives and in our weight loss journeys.
We would like to show mums that support can come from anywhere including a person you’ve never met before. We would like to inspire and motivate busy mums who work to eat healthy and live a healthy life while not missing out on everyday treats.
We want to encourage mums to get out live their life to the fullest no matter what size, shape or fitness level they are!”

Mother and Daughter Team!

Courtney Woods and her mum Sharon Woods. Courtney recently had a baby, is breast feeding and eating healthy. Her mum Sharon has lost 16kg.



Sharon has lost 16kg

Courtney says: “I first came across Lose Baby Weight in May 2014 when my daughter was 1 and a half years old. I stumbled across the free 5 week challenge so thought I would give it a go, not expecting to actually have any results. I did lose weight and I enjoyed it so I convinced my mum (and Feb Friendzy buddy) to join in the July challenge with me.
Life is busy with two kids but the Lose Baby Weight plans are so easy and there are so many recipes to suits every ones tastes. Even ones to satisfy your sweet tooth!
I never thought I could lose weight, get fit and healthy and feel this amazing eating so much food! It is always our perception that we need to eat less than 1200 calories to lose weight. I can definitely say I am happily maintaining my weight eating 2200 calories. This is great for me because I love food. No more dieting because this is my life now.
I am still far from where I want to be but I know that when I’m ready, with Lose Baby Weight I can do it.”
Sharon, Courtney’s mum says: “I am 55 years old so I am representing the older mums who have carried their baby weight for a long time.  I am Courtney grateful to for introducing me to Lose Baby Weight and I began my journey on 1 July 2014.  I am 168 cm tall and my starting weight was 84.4 kg.  My initial goal was to reach 70 kg.  I reached that goal by December 2015 and decided I would like to lose a further 5 kg.  
By January 2015 I had reached 68.2 kg (16.2 kg loss) but there my weight loss stalled.  However I continued with my new healthy lifestyle and have been maintaining my weight at around 69 kg for the last year.  Becoming a Feb Friendzy mum has given me the motivation to step up and lose the last few kilos.”
We are sooooooooo excited to follow all the teams on their Febfriendzy journey!
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