Mum Nicole McClelland has lost over 14kgs from following the Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Weightloss Challenges and she is coming on board to motivate and inspire you all throughout April.
“Hi mummies,
My name is Nicole, I’m 27 and I study/work three days a week and I have three children. I have been picked as a motivating mum for April and really excited about it! I have been following Lose Baby Weight since august 2014, (joined up for the 28 day weightloss challenge at the end of January and just tried the challenge out).

The March 28 day weightloss challenge I really enjoyed, the exercise and food was great and bonus my kiddies even ate it as well. I love how the challenge meals is already planned and you can print out the shopping list which makes it easier for me when I am super busy. And bonus the challenges are now running monthly (Woop woop!)
I am so very grateful that I came across an advertisement when looking for healthy weight loss programs which lead me to Lose Baby Weight.
Since signing up I have managed to successfully go from 82kgs down to 68kgs. And I am feeling happy and healthy! My goal is 58 and I am hoping being your motivational mum I can kick start the last of my weight loss journey and you can join me in doing so.
I have been having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every day which I am really enjoying and knowing there is no additives and nasty preservatives in it is a bonus. I also purchased the healthy mummy exercise DVD (one of my mini goal bonus) and have only started doing the exercised in 10-15 minutes throughout the day which I am thoroughly enjoying doing.
By doing this I’ve managed to increase my intake of water and steps/exercise throughout the day which I never thought I could do.
I am focusing though on toning my bum, thighs, arms and stomachs for this month as well I started it at the beginning of march but didn’t end up completing.
Cannot wait for the month of April and look forward in you all joining me.
Nicole x”

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