Mum Jessika Smith has lost over 10kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and for the month of April she is going to be motivating and inspiring us!
“Hi Mummies! My name is Jess. I want to start by saying how awesome it is to be chosen to be one of your motivating mums, for April!
And that this opportunity could not have come at a better time! I don’t do so well in the month of April, in fact it’s  my most dreaded month of the year!
So I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to put all of my emotion into my weight loss goals, and smash it out with all of you!
Lose Baby Weight- 10kg Loss

Ok, so just a little bit about me, I am a stay at home mummy to, two, pretty cute boys. Chase, 2 and Rylan, 7 Months, oh and a hubby-to-be, Mark, he’s also pretty great! I live in a small country town just outside of Adelaide, although I am originally from Queensland.
When I was pregnant with Chase I went from being 60kg to 82kg and in my second pregnancy I stayed around the 80kg mark. When I was 10 weeks pregnant with Rylan, I was diagnosed with multiple blood clots on both my lungs, I could hardly walk from my bedroom to the lounge room without having to stop half way too catch my breath. I am now in the clear, but still struggle every now and then if I push myself too far, so knowing my limits is a must.
I started my journey using, Lose Baby Weight products on the 6th of November 2014, (a date I could never forget) starting out at 75.4kg. And then one day I looked in the mirror and something just clicked “NO! Enough is Enough” I was over, having tears stream down my face morning, after morning because I hated my reflection and how I looked and felt in clothes… “How did I let myself get this big?” It’s time for change!
I had Ummed and Arrrhed, about starting for months, and kept making poor excuses for myself. But it wasn’t until I stood in front of that mirror, with tears streaming down my face that I decided to take my life back and so finally, I ordered the 28 day diet & exercise plan, the DVD and of course the Healthy Mummy smoothies and I have been happier and healthier ever since.
Lose Baby Weight-10kg Loss
When I got my first package in the mail, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home and try my first ever Healthy Mummy Smoothie – They are to die for and they are super dooper healthy for you to! win – win! woo!
When I first started the 28 Day Diet and Exercise plan, I was a bit hesitant, as I wasn’t sure it would work or what to expect. But oh my, I was NOT disappointed. I couldn’t believe how easy (and totally delicious!) the meals were- like 30 minutes max to prepare and cook.
And the DVD is great for mums just starting out, I found it so easy to follow – mind you I drank my weight in water, when I finished.  In my first week I had lost 1.6kg! Wait… What??? 1.6kg in the first week?? “OMG how is this even possible?!” I was hooked!
The weight just kept falling off. Just 3 days before Christmas I weighed in at 69kg! I remember jumping up and down, nearly in tears screaming like a school girl. Id cracked the 60’s in a little under 8 weeks! And it hasn’t stopped there.
Since then I have lost another 4kgs and I’m sitting a little too comfortably at 65kg and although I’m not seeing the scales move, I’m noticing Non Scale Victories, everywhere. My clothes aren’t fitting anymore, my pre – pregnancy clothes are,  lifting heavy things (ie: The Kids) is becoming easier and I’m actually enjoying running! I use it as my “me” time. Who would have thought that I… would like running! ME! Jessika Flora Smith!
One who use to be a frequent at my local McDonalds… and KFC…. and Hungry Jacks…. YUCK! Just thinking about them now makes me feel ill. I am so grateful to have stumbled across Lose Baby Weight when I did, because I would not be where I am today, without them.
Now, my goal is to get back down to 60kg for the beginning of May, I WILL get there with the help and support of all you beautiful, inspiring ladies. You have all motivated me this far along my journey, so now it’s my time to return the favour.
LETS SMASH OUT APRIL TOGETHER! We can do this! So for whatever reasons, you decided to start this journey, or pick it back up. don’t stop! Think about why you started and think about the end result – In 3 months you’ll thank yourself and I cannot wait to start this journey along side you.
Much Love Jess xx”
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