Mum Amanda Morgan has come on board this April to help motivate and inspire us all. Amanda has lost over 14kgs and has set herself the goal of not giving up on losing baby weight.
“My weight loss journey began in October of 2014. I took one look at myself one morning and decided that it was time to make a change, not only for myself but for my family! My name is Amanda. I am a 24 year old mother with two beautiful girls, aged 2.5 and 1, and I am also a working mum with 3 x 9hr days a week. Yes it is exhausting and yes some days I do struggle to find motivation, but I keep pushing through.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg Loss

I first heard about Lose Baby Weight was on Facebook, and after trying so many diets before I was a little unsure as to whether I would have success with this plan. I first joined the Facebook Page and  also looked up the recipes on the website, and not only did the meals actually seem like ‘normal’ food and look amazing, they weren’t super expensive to buy ingredients for, which was perfect for a family on a budget. I saw all the results on the Facebook group and I was amazed how all of the beautiful ladies had worked so hard and had such fantastic results. I knew this was the lifestyle change I needed in order to get myself back to feeling good about myself.
I have the 28 Day Plan Book (as well as a few of the e-books), and while not actually following the plan in the book, I am using a lot of the recipes at different times of the week. The website is now my go to if I cannot figure out what to have for dinner, lunch or even breakfast! Having so many recipes on hand and ready to view is such a lifesaver some days!!! My ideas about healthy food has changed so much.
Exercise for me is something I have now included into my daily routine. But I am by no means perfect with it all. Yes I will have off days with food, and yes I can go a few days without drinking enough water or skipping exercise, but I know that every day is a new day, and I know that one bad day isn’t going to undo all the hard work I have done.
Walking is my main choice of exercise (only due to a heart condition as I have to be careful). But as I am getting more fit, I can now jog a little and push myself that little bit harder. I really enjoy the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD. It is excellent for those days when hubby is home after dark, or when the weather isn’t so pleasant. Even when I feel I have no time, even 10 or 15mins of the DVD and I feel so much better.
To date I have gone from 83kgs to now weighing 68.4kgs! I cannot remember the last time I was under 70kgs… Not in the last 5 years anyway! And I have gone from a size 16/18 to now a size 12! Being able to walk into any shop and purchase clothes, even online, is just such a confidence boost. No longer do I only wear black to make me look thinner, colours are now my best friend!
Over the next couple of months, I am hoping to lose another 5kgs to finally get my BMI into the healthy weight range, and I am also wanting to start working on my toning. My weight loss has now slowed, but I am keeping at it and it is slowly coming off.
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