Surrounding your baby with peace and tranquillity is important in helping them to develop a positive and happy childhood experience.
Decorating is also a fun and exciting activity that you can do to help you get up and about to lose baby weight.
Think of all the fun you will have shopping and thinking of ideas to create a room specifically catered for your new bub.
Start off by getting the appropriate furniture for the room. Make sure you have a sturdy crib with a firm and comfortable mattress so that your baby can get a good rest whilst maintaining a good posture.
Also, the cot has to be safe and secure so that your baby doesn’t get hurt when he or she is moving around.
Getting a cot that complies with the latest Australian safety standards is also very important because even the slightest things such as the spacing between crib bars might affect your child’s safety. You wouldn’t your baby’s head getting stuck in between the bars do you?
If you are not sure of what colour to use when painting your baby’s nursery, choose a tranquil colour that can influence your baby’s state of mind in a positive, light-hearted manner. According to recent studies, a light shade of blue is a perfect colour for bedrooms as it is a neutral colour that makes the room environment very soothing. Greens are also a good choice for a newborn’s bedroom because of its calming, refreshing, and nurturing qualities.
Another good neutral colour would be white as it represents the pureness, cleanliness, and innocence of a baby that has just arrived into this world. Not only that, the tranquillity of the room also gives you the perfect place to relax whilst looking after your baby!
You can also choose to place mirrors, lights, sun catchers, stuffed animals and neutral coloured sheets. Newborns areextremely sensitive to colours, and bright sheets such as red, orange and yellow intimidate the baby when he/she needs to be calm.
Also, make sure that you include a comfy arm chair since you will be spending a lot of time feeding, napping, and cuddling your baby in the nursery.
Remember to get the proper lighting for your baby’s room because lights that are too bright can hurt his/her eyes and softer lights can also help with putting your baby to sleep. Instead of painting murals and patterns on the nursery’s wall, try using wallpapers and non-hazardous wall decals as decoration.
Keep in mind that your baby will be in this room for a long time and they might not always like the same thing as years go by. These wall decoration accessories are easy to remove and replace, and are less costly compared to the process of repainting the entire room.
Now that you know these helpful tips to decorate your newborn’s room, here are a few examples of baby nurseries that you can take some ideas from:

The combination of a fun and exciting activity will surely motivate you to go out and walk around when you are looking for furniture to fill up your baby’s room. Also, don’t forget that this is an activity that you can do with your partner and baby so it’s also good for spending some quality time together!
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