There are two types of fat which are found around your stomach area: subcutaneous and visceral.
Subcutaneous fat (this means “under the skin”) is the fat you can see and grab, while visceral fat lies further inside your body and surrounds the vital organs in the stomach area.
Too much visceral fat is what forces the stomach outwards and is what leads to your stomach sticking out.
Having tummy fat isn’t just an aesthetic issue. The far more important issue is that abdominal fat has links to type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and increased inflammation within the body
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster

How You Can Lose Stomach Fat

The EXCELLENT news is that that 28 day weight loss challenge has a belly buster menu within the Challenge hub for you to use which is a sure fire way to tone your tummy and lose stomach fat for good
Mums already lose an average of 4-6kg over the 28 days on our challenges and with this special challenge menu to target tummy fat, fat loss and cm loss from the stomach area is even higher than normal.

The Belly Buster 28 Day Challenge Menu

The Belly Buster 28 Day Challenge food menu has been specifically created to target stomach fat.

We have included beneficial foods, food groups, macro and micronutrients in abundance to help you bust that belly fat 

Every meal has been created to help you feel full and satisfied (plus tastes great). The food and ingredients used have been specifically used to be nutritionally advanced, taste great and help to break down fat from the tummy area. Below is a sneak peek of day 1 & 2 week one meal plans – all customisable of course if you want to swap any of the menu 🙂
P.S – the value is INCREDIBLE and you gain access to the belly buster menu for FREE when you become a 28 Day Challenge member.
Belly Buster
Plus the exercises have a high focus of losing fat from the stomach area as well as toning and strengthening your core. They include a combination of HIIT exercises and Pilates and we have alternative exercises for mums with muscle separation or who are still recovering post birth.
So, if you are serious about losing fat from your tummy then you MUST join the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

We are experts in helping mums lose tummy fat

We help 1000′s of mums to lose weight and lose tummy fat
We have hundreds and hundreds of weight loss stories and before & after photos on our site from mums on our plans and they all show how mums have lost tummy fat on our plans and how we understand on our plans how you can do this
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