parenting_adviceDo you get a bit nostalgic looking at old photos of your children? It may seem as though just a little while ago they were a little bundle of cute, sleeping on your chest; and now they just want to crawl/walk/explore all around their little world.
Capturing each stage of their lives on camera is a good way to hold onto those precious moments. And the grandparents or extended family will always love to be given a lovely framed photo as a gift.
If you don’t have a fancy camera (or if you have children who won’t sit still for more than four seconds) check out the tips below to take a better photo.
Once you’ve got some good photos, take the time to get them printed and add to your child’s album. It will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

  • Pick the right time: there’s not much point trying to take a photo if your little one is tired, hungry, ill, cranky or just in a mood. Just after they’ve had a sleep and something to eat is a great time to get snapping. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times for outdoor photography. Try to avoid the harsh midday sun as this is not a terribly flattering light for photographs. You can also have some fun shooting them while they eat lunch, have a bath, make a mess, or even while they are asleep.
  • Get down on their level: see the world how your kids see it by getting down to their level to take your shot. Get up close and fill the frame with their happy faces.
  • Show some scale: they won’t be little forever, so capture their size by showing them next to an item such as a chair, a washing basket, a doorway – anything that will let you see how little (or big!) they are.
  • Be patient: you may not get a great shot straight away, so take your time and try lots of different angles and poses. You may need to take 20 shots to get one good one, but that’s OK – that’s what the delete button is for.
  • Remove the noise: try to keep background clutter to a minimum, as this will be distracting in the photograph. If you can hide that basket of clothes or the washing up on the bench, even better.
  • Act naturally: if your kids are made to sit up straight and say ‘cheese’ you may get a good photo but it won’t capture their true personality. Let your children do what they love doing, and try to take your photo then. How much fun will it be to look back at photos of your child banging on a drum, painting a picture, hugging their favourite toy, or hanging upside down.

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