lose_baby_weightAt this time of year, many of you would be attending some pre-Christmas family meals and events.
It’s great fun getting everyone together, but it can often mean that we are put in a position where it’s difficult to stick with your healthy eating plan.
Today we tackle the 4 main hurdles of the family get together, with some realistic advice for how you can come through with your health (and sanity) intact.

The chip ‘n’ dip

Often when there is a big group event, the actual main meal may not be served until hours after your arrive.
With all the chatting and catching up, it can mean you are left starving while sitting next to a mountain of cheese, dips, biscuits and appetising looking appetisers.
To avoid gorging yourself on the (most likely) calorific offerings, it’s best to make sure you don’t arrive starving. Anticipate that it could be a while before your meal, and have a decent snack before you leave home. That could be some yoghurt, a banana, a protein cookie, some cottage cheese on a rice cracker, some nuts etc.
Try not to sit next to the snacks – out of sight is out of mind in this instance. Make a point of sitting elsewhere, or move about the room and chat to people so that you don’t mindlessly nibble….and nibble….

The big servings

So often our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and especially grandparents really love to watch us enjoy eating what they have made. So they pile our plates up with food, and then you have to try and struggle through without eating too much AND not letting them get hurt feelings.
It’s always best to cut them off before it happens if possible. Try saying ‘Thanks, that’s plenty, I want to save room for dessert’ or ‘just one scoop please, I’ve got my eye on you.’

Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
The bottles and bottles of wine

If your family are big drinkers, it can be hard for them to understand that you might not want to get stuck in with the rest of them. When you are trying to lose weight, it’s important not to overdo it on the alcohol, as it is just empty calories that can lead to poor decision making later when the dessert comes out!
Kids are always a good excuse not to drink too much, most people would understand that you might be tired or need to drive home at some point.
Or you can always start with a white wine or champagne and keep topping it up with soda water so that it is not too strong.

The pressure to conform

For many people, family can be the hardest ones to explain your healthy eating habits to.
If, for years, you have been someone with a big appetite or a sweet tooth, it can be hard for others to understand that times have changed and you are now focused on losing weight and eating well.
Have a few lines up your sleeve if anyone is giving you a hard time about a) not drinking very much b) not eating everything on your plate c) knocking back your aunty’s offerings of second helpings or d) saying no thanks to the giant slice of cream filled dessert that your mother made.
Things like ‘I couldn’t fit it in, I’m still so full from your delicious chicken!’ or ‘No thanks, I’m about to burst!’ or ‘I’m all good thanks, but can I top you up?’ can help to deflect unwanted attention if you are getting some.
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