healthy_eatingAttending a party when you are on a healthy eating plan can be like trying to walk through a field dotted with land mines.
Deep fried spring roll – ka boom!
Chip and dip – ka pow!
Creamy cocktail – bam!
But just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you should hibernate at home and avoid all social engagements.
To avoid injury, try to follow some of these tips.

  • Eat before you go: if you arrive ravenous it’s going to be very difficult to make healthy choices. Have a healthy protein-rich snack such as a banana, some nuts, yoghurt, or a Healthy Mummy Smoothie before you go.
  • Tell yourself you can have 3 canapes, and choose them wisely. There will always be some healthier options so you can try to include those. Things like rice paper rolls, grilled prawns, and tomato and basil bruschetta are good options.
  • Take it easy on the drinks. Try to alternate each alcoholic drink with mineral water; or even try half wine/champagne and half soda. It will reduce your total calories and keep your head clearer the next day. It also helps to strengthen your resolve not to dive head first into the chocolate fondue. If you really struggle with not drinking too much, it might help to give yourself a specific limit such as ‘I will have 3 drinks tonight and that’s it.’ Some people also find that giving themselves no option (such as needing to drive home) is a great way to stay focused.
  • Don’t stand near the food or drinks. If you park yourself next to a canapé-laden table it’s going to be difficult to think of much else. Try to keep away from the food table as well as the bar, so that you are not so focused on them.
  • If you need to, tell your friends that you are trying to lose weight. This might stop them from sticking a creamy vol-au-vent on your plate when you aren’t looking.
  • Remember that it’s OK to say no sometimes. You don’t have to try everything that is offered to you. You can politely decline with an ‘I’m OK for now thank you’ and get back to having a good time.
  • Have a good time: nothing helps you steer clear of the food table like dancing or a great conversation.

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