A hot topic on our Private Facebook Support Group is how to navigate around the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge hub. So we have come up with this blog that will outline the basics and give you a visual on how to navigate your way around the Challenge Hub. This blog covers advice on using the Challenge on your Computer – but you can click here for advice when you are using your mobile
Once you have signed up for the 28 day challenge you will receive a few emails, one will be your receipt, one will be your welcome email and one will be your sign in info. These emails may be in your junk email folder, if you are unable to find these please contact us
After you have read your welcome email and received your sign in info head to the Lose Baby Weight Website to sign in, click on challenge and use your Log In Details from your Email, if you were already a Lose Baby Weight member use those log in details.login
Once you have logged in you will go to the main Challenge Hub from there you can scroll down and find your free Ebook’s and other resources there is also access to the Challenge Blog which has lots of articles about the Challenge. Have a good read
From the Main Challenge Hub you can access all of your info height, starting weight, address, email address, you can update your progress here too or use the Tracking Tools tab. Here you can also manage your membership, check your subscription info eg. When your payment will come out etc. challenge
From the main Challenge Hub you can access all recipes from the challenges (if you have a subscription) the tags are great if you are looking for specific options or you can type in anything eg. Pumpkin, chicken etcchallenge
From the Main Challenge Hub you can access the great Tracking Tools here you can enter your weight, your steps for the day if you have a step counter and enter how much exercise you have done for the day also your can enter your body measurements challenge
Also in the Main Challenge Hub there is a Resources tab this will take to the Frequently Asked Questions, Discount offers, Member discount code, how to work out your daily calories etc. Great to look through before the Challenge begins.challenge
In the Challenge Hub you can also access all the Challenge Blogs these are regularly added to throughout the challenge, handy tips to save money, pantry staples, discount offers and other information to do with the Challenge. Great to have a read through Before the Challenge begins.challenge
If you have signed up as a Subscriber you have access too past challenges click on past rounds to access these.
We hope this blog has helped you navigate the Challenge Hub if you have any problems accessing any parts of the Challenge Hub or certain parts aren’t displaying properly please contact us
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