Lose_weight_in_a_healthy_wayA common question I am often asked by mums on the Lose Baby Weight Plans is “Can I lose weight in a healthy way?” and I think the reason this is such a commonly asked question is because in this day and age there are so many unhealthy ways and diet plans to lose weight that we then presume that all ways must be unhealthy. However, to lose weight in a healthy way and in particular to lose your baby weight can be a very simple process.
You need to watch your calorie intake and you also need to do some kind of exercise.  That is the simple key and so called diet secret to healthy weight loss.  Inspite of what some Companies may make you believe there is no magic pill you can take that will instantly make you thin and healthy and these pills often just expand in your stomach and fill your stomach with gel so you feel full – needless to say this is very unhealthy and gives you no nutrition and leads to all kinds of nasty side effects.  To lose your baby weight, you have to work at it, be determined and and sometimes it can be tough to do.
Taking the first step which is watching what you eat and incorporating exercise into your day can be a really difficult thing to do – especially on lack of sleep but the first step is always the hardest and when you get your self into a routine it does get easier.   For those mums that don’t have the money for a gym membership, a personal trainer or a dietician the Lose Baby Weight Plans give you all the information you need on fitness and diet and luckily our plans show you that there is a simple way to loose your baby weight and do it in a healthy way.
Firstly, you need to start eating healthy foods and focus on getting all of the correct nutrition in your diet.  This means eating vegetables and fruits instead of junk foods and sugar.  For a lot of mums this is really hard and at first it can be a struggle but once your body starts getting the right nutrition it will stop craving those bad foods.  Eating lots of vegetables, fruits and lean protein can help your body run much better which will lead to you burning more calories, having a faster metabolism and you will loose weight faster.
Although many adverts claim that they have some kind of miracle diet pill that will help you to loose weight fast it is simply not true and you will end up wasting your money and not looking after your health if you choose to use these.  You did not gain your weight over night and it will not come off over night.  You also need to do some kind of exercise and we have a number of exercise videos to give you some tips and ideas but going for a walk every day with your pram is a great thing to do to loose weight in a healthy way.
Healthy_weight_lossBy doing some kind of exercise daily and by eating the right healthy foods (our smoothies for breakfast and lunch are a great way to get optimal nutrition into your diet and feel great) you will see that the pregnancy weight will come off.  Because eating the right amount of nutritious and healthy foods can be hard nutritional supplements are great to help you on your way and our plans will also help you eat better and give you healthy recipes to follow.
By following our plans and incorporating daily exercise into your life you will loose the weight in a very healthy way and be a yummy mummy in no time – that is the simple secret to losing weight!
If you need help losing your weight please see our Plans which will help you achieve your goals and stay focused