Lose_stomach_fatLosing stomach fat can be really hard and it is often the last part of the pregnancy weight to leave your body and it can take hard work.
The average weight gain in pregnancy is approximately 14kg and if the mum has not lost her baby weight and has baby number 2 then her weight to lose can be around the 30kg mark.
When you are determined and focussed on your weight loss and healthy eating campaign then the weight will come off pretty quickly and the Lose Baby Weight plans will see you lose approximately 500g – 1kg a week.  But will your stomach fat and belly fat decrease at the same speed as the fat on the rest of your body?
The answer for most women is no.  Stomach fat takes more work to lose and a mum has to be prepared to put in the extra effort to get her stomach looking flat.
Although spot fat removal isn’t possible, when you do start to lose your baby weight fat will come off all over your body and on your stomach but you will need to do some specific stomach fat exercises to reactivate your stomach muscles which have been separated through pregnancy and have been significantly stretched.
If you do combine all over cardio exercise with specific core and stomach exercises then you will see a difference.
So what are some of the specific stomach fat blasting exercises you can do? (please always make sure you have had the all clear from your Doctor before doing exercise post pregnancy) 

The Flat Stomach Roll
  • Start positioned on the floor with your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your hands. Keep your back straight and take a deep breath in and let your stomach drop towards the floor
  • Next breath out and bring your stomach in toward your spine but remain in the same position – be careful not to arch your back as you breath in.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can with the goal of feeling the Transverse Abdominis Muscle (TVA) working to keep you in this position. The TVA is the muscle behind the Abdominals (6 pack) that cannot be seen, but is the most important muscle that will help you get a flat stomach post pregnancy.
  • When can’t hold any longer and need to breath in simply relax your abdominal and repeat the exercise approximately 10 times
Elbow to Knee lifts

Gently bring one knee and your opposite elbow together. Then bring your other elbow and knee together. Do up to 20 repetitions and then change sides.

Pelvic tilts:
  • Lie down on the floor with your legs bent, feet flat and resting on the floor. Slowly tighten your abdominals and roll your pelvis towards you. Breathe in and try to start the movement with your abs instead of squeezing the bum muscles too much. Don’t forget to tighten the pelvic floor when doing pelvic tilts.
Isometric Abdominal Contractions:
  • This exercise is one that can be done while playing with your baby which is great for bonding. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Pop your baby on your stomach facing you. Take a deep breath in, raising the baby into the air. Breath out as you tighten your abdominal muscle by pulling your stomach in towards the floor. Breathe in as you relax and bring the baby down. Repeat ten times.

Additional exercises to do include The Plank, Squats while holding your baby or a heavy weight and waist twists.  The key point to remember is that it does take time but you can do it!
You can also help your stomach fat weight loss and all over weight loss by increasing your fibre intake at each meal which will aid digestion significantly and help clean the colon which in turn can remove undigested food which makes a person feel bloated or slow – and incredibly we can carry 4-5kg of undigested and putrid food in our bodies for years due to having a bad digestion – and this sits in the stomach and contributes to the belly fat issue that so many people have.
If you need help losing your weight please see our Lose Baby Weight plans which will help you achieve your goals and stay focused