Life is about being healthy
Being healthy and being happy – a bi product of this is looking good.
And as we get older, it is important to take care of ourselves – so we can live a long and happy life, set a fantastic example to our children and enjoy every day we are alive!
And today, I introduce to you my mum – who this month turns 60
And doesn’t she look fantastic!
And because she looks so fantastic, I thought I would ask for her top ten tips to looking good at 60 and staying healthy at every age – and she kindly obliged!
Rhian's Mum

Rhian’s mum top 10 tips to looking good at 60

  • Don’t sunbake and use sunscreen every day – even in Winter as the sun’s rays are still there – but also make sure you try and get 10 minutes of natural Vitamin D from the sun on your skin every day too before putting sunscreen on as Vitamin D is very important for your skin and overall health (most suncreeen block the rays that enable your body to create Vitamin D)
  • Keep active – build exercise into your every day life – such as brisk walking. Just make it part of your life and not a chore.
  • Don’t put on weight – keep a close check on your weight. Check your BMR regularly. Follow a healthy eating plan (see the 28 Day Challenge if you need one) for your life so you don’t yo -yo. I keep a close eye on my weight maintenance – have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfasts most morning and make healthy eating part of my life.

Rhian's Mum

  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of natural antioxidants – ie fruit and veg. I am a strong advocate of eating a plant based diet and ensure I eat lots of vegetarian meals as opposed to relying 100% on meat
  • Learn to meditate – I have done this for years and meditate at least 2 times a week
  • Don’t smoke – don’t do it – EVER

Rhian's mum

  • I have a regular small intake of red wine
  • I incorporate upper body light weight exercises into my day to maintain muscle and bone strength
  • My skin care is very basic – I have sensitive skin so I can’t use much on it without reacting – but I find the Avene range is great
  • I don’t really take supplements as I like to eat all my nutrients – but I do take a daily Vitamin C tablet
Thanks to my mum for sharing her tips!! 
Rhian x

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