tips_to_lose_baby_weightKeeping focused on losing weight and staying healthy is one of the toughest challenges when you are losing your pregnancy weight. And it is easy to see why so many people lose motivation after the first few weeks.
But here are some tips when combined with the Lose Baby Weight plans will keep you on track and have you achieving your pregnancy weight loss goals.
Firstly, think of your weight loss in the New Year as something that you’re going to be doing for life. If you succeed in your weight loss journey, you’ll not only be healthier and fitter in 2013, but you’ll also be healthier and fitter for life. And being a slimmer, healthier and fitter version of you for this year and for every year in the future has got to be an excellent aim for you to stay focused on.
Another great way to stay focused and to keep motivated is to remember why you’re doing this. Why is it that you want to lose the weight? Is it to get back to your pre pregnancy weight? Is it so you can fit back into old clothes in your wardrobe? To be able to more easily play with your children? So that you can feel better about yourself? Imagine what you’re going to look like when you reach your end goal – but not only that, imagine how it will feel to be able to run around after your children without wheezing, or to fit into the size jeans that you’ve always wanted to wear. Imagining how you’ll look – and how you’ll feel – will keep you focused.
To keep focussed on your weight loss, keep a track of how much weight you’re losing – you can use our free tracking tools area here. You might want to weigh yourself weekly, or you may prefer to keep track of how much weight you lose each month – monthly weigh-ins are a great way to help you see the bigger picture, rather than be disappointed if you have a bad week on the scales.
You should also keep track of how many inches you’re losing. Using a measuring tape, measure your chest, waist, hips, tops of your arms and the tops of your thighs. Take your measurements again every month or two months – you’ll be able to see how much you’re shrinking!
To give yourself a visual representation of your weight and inches make sure you use our free tracking tools too which show your achievements in a graph – it can be very satisfying to see the graph steadily slide downwards. Most importantly, keeping track of these measurements can really help you to stay focussed on losing weight this year.
You should also remember that although you are choosing to lose weight in the New Year, this year doesn’t have to be the same as every other year in terms of broken resolutions.
Just because you’ve slipped up in the past does not mean that you’ll slip up this time. Losing weight requires you to keep focused on your end goal – but it also requires you to be confident in your own abilities. You’ll lose the weight, you’ll be fitter and you’ll be healthier – and you will have done it all on your own!

If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding and can help support your milk supply

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