When your child’s birthday rolls around, excitement can turn to anxiety as you start wondering what on earth you should serve the kids to eat at the party.
If, like many mothers, you don’t want to offer a load of sugar-laden food and overly processed snacks, try some of our ideas below from our Healthy Kids Cookbook.
how to host a healthy kids  party - banana cake

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1. Fruit Dipping

how to host a healthy kids  party - fruitKids love to dip, and this healthier treat sees them enjoying lots of fresh fruit as well as the variety of sauces and sprinkles.

2. Chocolate Crackles

how to host a healthy kids  party - chocolate cracklesUse maple syrup or rice malt syrup to sweeten these classic party treats. Just 4 ingredients and you’re on your way to super-mum status.

3. Natural Jelly Cups

how to host a healthy kids  party - natural fruit jellyToday we are sharing a recipe from our Healthy Kids Cookbook for some natural jelly cups. Store bought jelly crystals are packed with sugar, artificial colours and flavours. Making your own jelly is fun, simple, and allows you to add a variety of colourful fruits to suit your party colour theme. The kids will love helping you prepare these for their party.


  • 1-2 cups fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, blueberries and mango)
  • 1⁄4 cup cool water
  • 1 tbsp gelatine powder
  • 1⁄4 cup boiling water
  • 1 1⁄2 cups quality fruit juice (diluted with half coconut water, if desired)


  • Hull and quarter strawberries, peel and cube mango.
  • Layer berries, grapes and mango into the base of 8 small cups.
  • Pour cool water into a medium bowl and sprinkle over gelatine. Set aside for 5 mins to soften.
  • Add hot water and stir until gelatine is dissolved and liquid is clear.
  • Add juice and stir.
  • Pour liquid evenly into cups and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Serves 8
Like the sound of these recipes? They’re all available in our jam-packed Healthy Kids Cookbook, available here.

4. Fairy Bread

how to host a healthy kids  party - fairy breadYou can now buy natural sprinkles which aren’t full of colours and preservatives. Choose high fibre white bread so that the children are getting some health benefit. Add to the fun by letting the kids cut the bread into shapes and thread on to a skewer.

5. Mini Pizzas

how to host a healthy kids  party - mini pizzaYou can set up a table of ingredients to allow older kids to make their own personalised pizza, or just offer a selection of pizzas with different toppings to smaller party goers.

6. Banana Birthday Cake

how to host a healthy kids  party - banana cakeThis show-stopping cake can be decorated to fit any party theme. Sweetened with dates and bananas, it won’t disappoint even the most cake-savvy kid. You could even make it as cupcakes if you prefer, to make it easy for the kids to grab some birthday cake and get back to playing games.

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