Sometimes it can be hard to keep on the straight and narrow with your weight loss.  We are surrounded by temptations all the time and it can be easy to get into bad habits as life seems to just happen.
And this weekend I had an email from a mum wanting some help to rediscover her focus and get her weight loss mojo back so I thought I would share my advice I gave her incase anyone else was in the same situation.

Our email advice to a mum wanting to get her weight loss mojo

“I think firstly you have to realise it is impossible to be on a weight loss plan all the time. Who wants to count cals and watch what they eat 24/7 so don’t beat yourself up for having some slip ups.
The important thing is to nip any bad habits that start developping early – which is what you are doing now so BRAVO!!
Firstly decide what you need to lose – is it a few kg?  If so write the amount down and the timeframe in which to do it then do a plan of what you are going to do to get there every day.
So for example, my smoothie will be with with low fat milk. My food will be lots of fresh foods (veggies and fruit), wholegrains and lean protein and I will do exercise every day. I will drink 8 glasses of water. I will do tummy toning exercises. I will do squats and build muscle during the day.
Think of it as you are going to get back in CONTROL and get you back to the weight you were and be the healthy, happy and confident you that we all know and love. Remember how GOOD it was to feel the way you felt when you hit your goal weight. Remember that feeling and get yourself feeling that way again.
Banish all crap food from your house. Clean it out right now and do an online shop where you order good and healthy foods. I 100% believe that if you have bad food in the house that you will end up eating it – so CLEAN OUT.
And finally BELIEVE in YOURSELF. You are one of the most inspirational people I know. Your drive and committment to lose your weight last year was AMAZING and you can get the control back – you just need to bring that determination back to the table.
Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids. Do it for your husband and Do it for your heath.”
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