Although we are still officially in winter and it is still coat and hat season, the promise of spring then summer is not far away – thank goodness but as we all know this means bearing more flesh!
The average weight gain over the winter month is approximately 4kg but hopefully if you have been following the Lose Baby Weight pregnancy weight loss and healthy eating plans you will have avoided any gain and be in good health.
But as winter will soon be over we wanted to put some awesome healthy living tools in practice to give you an extra BOOST to achieve your post pregnancy weight loss and feeling confident this summer.

Mums & Bubs Exercise Video Series

So we are VERY EXCITED to announce that in approximately 3 weeks we will be introducing you to our new personal trainer who is an extremely experienced post pregnancy exercise expert and she is also a fully qualified yoga and pilates instructor specialising in post pregnancy work outs and we are beyond excited to have her as part of our Lose Baby Weight team – and can’t wait to formally announce and introduce her.
And we are also VERY EXCITED about the fact that we are launching a series of instructional exercise videos in September and October and each week we will be focusing on a different body part and post pregnancy body issue to help you shape up in time for summer.
We are so excited to bring you this. All exercises will be fully demonstrated and be performed by our trainer to show you exactly what to do and how to do it – and what not to do.
And there will also be a VERY BIG focus on the tummy area and exactly what to do to at various stages post pregnancy and I am excited that they will be demonstrated by a woman, who understands women and the stresses pregnancy puts on a woman’s body.
We promise that our videos will be mum and bub friendly, there won’t be a gym insight and that most importantly they will be easy for you to do in the comfort of your home.
And best of all you don’t have to pay anything for this. It is all part of the Lose Baby Weight service and about us trying to offer as much support and guidance to mums as possible and we felt instructional videos focusing on post pregnancy exercises (and in time for summer!) was something that you would benefit from and be of use to thousands of mums.
So stay tuned and don’t worry about how you are going to get beach body ready this summer – we have it all covered and are going to get you there.  Roll on September for even more support from the Lose Baby Weight team!!
And don’t forget to check out our current promotions and discounts page to see what specials we have on this week on our Healthy Mummy products and Lose Baby Weight plans