Check out Tasheena’s 12 Top Tips for squeezing in exercise with Lose Baby Weight over Christmas below.

We all know how time consuming it is leading up to Christmas with all the shopping, Christmas parties/functions school holidays, I could go on! Then you find yourself not being able to make time for your afternoon walks or being able to hit the gym. Don’t stress and check out how you can easily squeeze in some exercise over Christmas.
Lose Baby Weight has helped me lose over 43kgs by teaching my how to fit in short bursts of exercise throughout my day.

Top Tips for Squeezing in Exercise

  • When bringing in the groceries do lunges and bicep curls with the bags.
  • Squat while unloading the groceries
  • Side leg raises while preparing food
  • Half calf raises while at the checkouts
  • Waiting 5 minutes for the oven to finish then drop down and do this quick Planking Workout
  • Standing leg raises while wrapping presents
  • Squat jumps while putting the decorations on the Christmas Tree
  • Dancing around to Christmas carols
  • Take an extra lap around the shopping centre and park far away from the shops
  • Play a game of cricket on Christmas/Boxing Day
  • Got a spare 1 minute then do a wall sit
  • Signed up to the 28 Day Challenge? Then pick a workout and do one round which takes less than 5 minutes

Remember you do not have to do a big workout to see results, just being extra active throughout the day really does make all the change.
Have a wonder Christmas
Tasheena xx
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