As you lose pregnancy weight, it can be so easy to focus on the parts of our body that we don’t particularly love.
Perhaps you would never dare to venture out in shorts; or you keep your arms covered; or you avoid looking at your behind in the mirror when you are getting dressed.
But a great way to boost your motivation to keep going on your healthy weight loss journey is to turn the tables and start noticing the parts of you that you do love.

It might be something as simple as noticing how your waist appears slimmer now that you’ve reached your first mini goal. Or perhaps people have been commenting on the difference to your face but you’ve just shrugged it off thinking ‘yes but I still have so much to lose.’
Now is the time to take a good hard look in the mirror and find one (or more!) parts of you that you are proud of.
By focusing on the positives we can give our brains a break from the negative voice that seems to take up so much space.
It will help you realise what you have achieved already, and give you a lift when you need it most. Why not take a photo and put it on your mirror?
We asked some of the mums on our Facebook support group to share the body love by snapping their favourite parts of their body and giving us the lowdown on why they love it.

Collar Bones

healthy_eatingAshleigh L says ‘I love my collar bones. They make my neck look longer and give more definition to my face.’ Ashleigh D is another mum who feels that her collarbones are an asset. ‘My son loves them too, he loves watching them fill up with water in the shower.’


healthy_eatingAngeline loves her waist. ‘It’s defined and gives my torso a nice curve/shape.’ Nicole also thinks her new hourglass figure is a winner.
Bree has noticed that her waist is becoming smaller. ‘Day by day I fall in love with my body a little more, after all it did carry 2 beautiful children.’
Eleanor loves her waist too. ‘It’s back and I’m loving it!’


healthy_eatingMegan is all about her thighs. ‘They have always been my problem area so they really show how far I have come.’ Sarah loves her thighs too. ‘I love how toned they are looking and they make me feel confident!’
For Em, her thigh gap is giving her the confidence to wear shorts and dresses. ‘I never wore a dress before without having shorts underneath, even in high school.’


healthy_eatingElle has chosen an area that many of us struggle with – her stomach. ‘My bundle of joy lived there for 9 months, left marks of him and my journey and loose skin is left behind as a reminder of all of my hard work to show him that your dreams are achievable, through hard times and good times, you can do anything you set your heart on.’
Lauren has turned two parts of her body that she struggled with for a long time into her favourites. ‘My thighs and my tummy/hips now represent parts of my body which I am proud of. These parts of my body are now strong and work hard to help me achieve my fitness goals. Instead of seeing the bits that I still need to work on, I appreciate those parts for what they’ve done for me.’
Bec loves her belly. ‘It has housed my 3 beautiful children and I am totally happy with the fact it may never be the same as before I had kids.’


healthy_eatingAlly’s favourite body part is her face. ‘I hated going out without make up as I never had time to cover all the blemishes, now I don’t feel the need! Loving my super clear skin!’
Rae has found love for her smile lines. ‘I used to hate how lined my cheeks were, I thought they aged me. I have tried all kinds of creams and potions to get rid of them but as I get older I realise just how beautiful they really are.’
For Belinda, it’s her face where she can see the difference. ‘It shows me I’m making progress and shows everyone else how happy I am about it!’


healthy_eatingAdel loves the look of her arms. ‘I’m loving that my flabby arms are now toned. No more hiding behind baggy t-shirts.’
Carly says it’s her arms and shoulders. ‘I am strong inside and out. Having a healthy lifestyle has also given me healthy hair and skin, which makes me feel fab.’
Megan says ‘I LOVE the definition I’m starting to see in my arms. They’ve always been my weak spot and I could never do 1 pull up. But now they’re starting to take shape and are getting stronger.’
Kimberley is loving her arms. ‘No more chicken wings! I just love my upper body actually!’


healthy_eatingCorina has chosen two body parts to give the love to. ‘I love my waist and my skin.’


healthy_eatingCharlotte feels the love for her calves, and asks ‘Is that weird? They are sexy, have shape, have tone, make me feel so awesome! Bonus that hubby thinks they are amazing too!’
Deb says she loves her feet. ‘I could never see them past my big pregnant belly! Putting stockings on was an Olympic sport!’
Andrea says that it’s her legs she loves now. ‘Previously I only wore clothes that went over my knees. I now have the confidence to wear shorts that go above my knees and even short shorts!’


healthy_eatingJenni needs to look in the mirror to see her favourite body part. ‘I’m loving the definition in my back. This is a sneaky shot my hubby took. I’m loving the changes!’
Cat feels the same way. ‘I love the definition in my back. It’s one of those places I forget I’m working until I catch a glimpse in the mirror and I’m like ‘ohhhh heyyyy’


healthy_eatingTanya can’t pin down just one area, she is feeling the love everywhere which is fantastic. ‘I’ve struggled with body love for a long time. But I love so much now. Seriously it’s taken 7 months and a lot of cognitive reversal. But I love my legs, my collar bones, my arms, my chin, my butt, my legs, and I’m even starting to love my tummy.’
So ladies, feel the body love before we think you are SO WORTH IT!
Love the Healthy Mummy team xxxx
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