If you are trying to lose pregnancy weight it’s easy to focus solely on the healthy eating side of things. This is especially true for those people who feel that they really don’t like exercising, or are even a little scared of it.
But if you want to push your results to the next level, get toned, feel fitter, be less out of breath, and look better naked – exercise can be a key component. After all, your legs aren’t going to tone themselves, you’ve got to work at it.
So what do you do if you just really don’t like exercise? Try some of our ideas.

1. Phone a friend

Going for a walk and a chat with a friend is a lot more enticing than doing it solo. You can even kid yourself into thinking that you are just catching up with your pal rather than actually exercising.
When you’re ready, you could try 10 minutes of walking interspersed with one minute of jogging, then try to bring the amount of time you spend walking down.

2. Exercise early

Some people don’t like getting all hot and sweaty during the day, as it means you’ve got to have a shower and wash your hair (which, with kids, seems like an impossible task).
So why not get up and get on with your workout before everyone else is up, and before you are dressed for the day? Exercising first thing is also a great way to avoid the excuses later such as being too tired or too busy to fit it in.

3. Borrow a dog

Having a reason to exercise such as having to walk the dog is a good way to turn off the excuses.
If you don’t own one, why not commit to a friend that you will walk their dog twice per week. Strap the kids into prams or on scooters and head out to get some fresh air.

4. Don’t call it exercise

Not everyone likes going to the gym, doing squats, or lifting weights. If this is true for you, it can be really helpful if you find something that doesn’t actually feel like a workout.
It might be indoor rock climbing, or swimming laps, or going for a bike ride. If you can turn your hobby into exercise, you’ll be onto a winning formula as it will be a pleasure to do it rather than feeling like a chore.

5. Commit to ten minutes

300_600_healthy_mummy_pregnancy_DVDCome on, you can put up with anything for ten minutes can’t you? Just commit to a small block of time to exercise, and more often than not you’ll probably find yourself feeling happy to go for longer.
This is why we love the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD. It was designed by mums (who understand) and so it is divided up into 10 and 15 minute sessions that you can fit in whenever you can throughout the day.

6. Find a great distraction

Grab yourself a box set and use the time to do some exercises in your lounge room. How about some squats, lunges, sit ups and planks while you get reacquainted with Downton Abbey?
Focusing on the program means your brain won’t be as tuned in to what you are doing. Plus you get to watch your favourite shows which feels like a treat.

7. Play with the kids

It’s easy to switch on a TV or pass an iPad to a child in that late afternoon period when everyone is tired and cranky. But why not use this time as a reason to get active and shake off the grumpy mood?
Have a dance off in the lounge room (lots of kids love Danger Zone from Top Gun – try it!), head out the back to do some skipping, kick a ball around, go for a walk to post a letter to Grandma – anything that gets you moving and off the sofa is a win.
We can get you started by giving you our FREE at home exercise guide ebook.  Just pop your details in below and it’ll be in your inbox in just a few minutes.  No excuses now :))

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