The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges are designed to be easy for busy mums so that following healthy eating diet plans just become part of your everyday life, not something to only do for a couple of weeks.
So with that in mind how can you incorporate the 28 Day Challenge recipes when you are entertaining friends, hosting a BBQ or celebrating a birthday? Will these fun, life events mean that you won’t be able to make healthy food choices?
Of course not as you are learning all the tools you need to make healthy, easy to prepare, family friendly meals and can easily incorporate them when you are hosting a special event at home.
Here are some tips to help you know what to look for if planning a dinner party or BBQ with friends:

  • Look for recipes that can easily be increased in quantities so you can serve a larger group. Lasagne is a great one to serve a number of people and in the current Challenge try the Chicken & Vegetable Lasagne for something a little different to the usual Italian favourite.
  • Serve lean cuts of meat and marinate them in tasty flavours and serve with a couple of salads for a really easy BBQ style dinner party. Try preparing just the meat components from the Harissa Chicken or Tunisian Lamb and then pair these with the Apple Coleslaw (from the Fish With Butter Sauce & Apple Coleslaw) and Couscous Salad (from the Easy Zucchini Fritters & Couscous Salad).
  • Try some Mexican inspired dishes as these are great for larger groups of people and easy for you to prepare as you can do most of the cooking before everyone arrives. Make a couple of fillings like the Chilli Con Carne or the chicken from the Mexican Inspired BBQ Chicken (slice it to serve rather than serving in large pieces) and then place on the table with wholemeal mini tortillas, taco shells plus a selection of chopped salad items, natural yoghurt, smashed avocado and grated tasty cheese and everyone can then assemble their own meal.
  • A fun and relaxed way to entertain friends is to make pizza and serve with a large garden salad. Make a selection so people can try a bit of everything like the Sweet Potato & Feta Pizza, Ham, Spinach & Feta Pizza or for something a bit different prepare the Vegetarian Cauliflower Pizza.
  • Prepare some healthy dips and place them on a large serving platter with sliced veggie sticks and a savoury snack like the Eggplant Chips, Chickpea Fries with Mint Sauce or the Spinach Balls, for a really delicious starter when your guests arrive.
  • When it comes to dessert time there are many options you can choose from the Challenge recipe hub. Make individual Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Parfaits or Clever Chocolate Mousse cups or from the current Challenge try the Ginger & Lemon Cheesecakes or Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta.
  • If your friends ask you what they can bring to share, get them to make a starter platter with healthy dips and veggie sticks or a salad and then you can leave the items that are often not always made in the healthiest way, like dessert, to yourself to ensure you prepare it in a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge way.

It’s quite easy to entertain friends at home and choose recipes from the 28 Day Challenge to ensure you continue with your healthy eating plan. Your friends will probably love the recipes and be impressed by your healthy choices.
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