If you have a fussy eater you will probably be pulling your hair out at dinner times! You may be cooking 2 different meals and begging your kids to eat food that often ends up on the floor or left on the plate.
So what to do?
Speaking from experience with 1 very fussy eater and 1 part fussy eater, it is a case of trial, error and persistence.
I also find getting them cooking in the kitchen makes a BIG difference and I try and get them cooking with me as much as possible which they both enjoy and I find really works in getting them trying new things.
Below are 2 videos showing how I get my 2 boys cooking with me – hope it gives you some ideas too – both recipes are from the very family friendly meals in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
And below we have some FAB advice from one of our top Nutritionists Mandy Dos Santos – and mum of 3.
[pb_vidembed title=”Salmon Parcels – Kid Friendly” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxm2DKFHMGI” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]

[pb_vidembed title=”Family Lasagne Recipe” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_gC9qFZhhE” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]

Nutritionist Mandy’s Fussy Eaters Tips

Fussy eating often correlates with a distinct developmental period in a young child’s life: the age of independence.
Mandy croppedThe child wants control over anything and everything, including their food. With a slow down of growth around the age of 12 months, you will notice that your child may not appear as hungry.
The growth curve around this age flattens out. This is normal, but can lead to parental anxiety at mealtimes.
However, there are ways to avoid the nugget and cheese sandwich curse of fussy eating. BE PERSISTENT It can take up to 10 or more times for a child to like a food.
Do not give up. Try it again, then again and again – though not on the same day. Give it a break for a few days and try it again. TRY DIFFERENT TEXTURES Children are very textural and may be rejecting the food because of its feel, rather than the taste.
If you do not have success with steamed zucchini, try it raw. Change the texture and you change the experience.
The ’10 times’ rule also applies with texture.


The thing about processed and supermarket packaged foods is they are marketed directly to children, tapping into exactly how they like their food.
Think like the companies.
Package your food in colourful little containers.
Serve a meal in a cup or a takeaway box. Use a straw to drink soup or tongs to eat spaghetti.
Food should be fun for kids. If it isn’t, they will not embrace it.

28_day_challengeMARKET IT TO THEM

Adults eat all kinds of foods for health reasons (wheatgerm, wheatgrass shots, LSA, spirulina) and it is only afterwards we learn to love them.
The reason we first eat them is because they are marketed to us as being ‘good for you’ or ‘superfoods’, not because they are necessarily delicious or tempting.
Kids are marketed food as well. For example, a fun toy with a boxed-up lunch or a cereal that crackles and pops. How exciting!
To inspire similar levels of enthusiasm, you need to try a few marketing tools yourself. Try selling carrots as helping you see better and then challenge your children to try and see in a darkened room.
Broccoli helps your hair grow long, beans help you jump high; these are not scientifically proven claims, but these foods are important for a healthy body.
Getting your kids to taste them, even once, will help the process.
kids amounts

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