When trying to lose weight what we eat and the diet we follow is the main factor in ensuring we lose weight. However although diet contributes to approx 70-80% of the weight loss, exercise is an obvious way to increase and improve the weight loss and it comes down to the old adage of eat less and move more to lose the weight – If only it was as simple as it sounds.

The problem with exercise however is when you have one, two or even three little bundles of joy to look after – the post pregnancy exercise routine can seem like an uphill challenge that even the most determined of mums can struggle with.  Sleep deprivation, lack of energy and sheer exhaustion can all mean that you struggle to strap on your trainers and work out gear and get into the exercise mode. So Lose Baby Weight believes in easy to follow exercises that can be incorporated into your day and whereas we advocate for mums to do as much exercise as possible here are some suggestions of how you can do mild exercise and still burn 100 calories.  If you can manage to do a few of these during your day you can easily chalk up a tick on the “move more” component of weight loss and without having to put the work out gear on.

  • 25 minutes of vacuuming
  • 15 minutes of raking and digging in the garden
  • 15 minutes of brisk walking
  • 20 minutes of moderate dancing to your favourite music
  • 12 minutes of jogging on the spot
  • 20 minutes of walking up stairs – so ditch the lifts
  • 15 minutes of lifting some weights – these can be heavy tins of you don’t have dumb bells
  • 20 minutes of housework
  • 15 minutes of sit ups and push ups

So during your day try and fit as much extra movement as well as following the right nutritional plan and you will see the benefits!