ElishaElisha Danine is a Qualified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Consultant who graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from the Australian College of Natural Therapists, Sydney. See what advise she has on how you can break a weight loss plateau:
As a Nutritionist, breaking through a weight loss plateau is a very common question I get asked in clinic. For some of us, when we reduce our calorie intake, there comes a point where our bodies get used to the new diet we are eating. It tends to slow down the weight loss and boom! We’ve hit what some call a ‘plateau’:
So, what can we do to ‘trick’ our bodies back into losing weight? I will talk about the 5 things I share with my clients on how to bust through and continue to lose weight.
1. Cut down on dairy
Cow’s milk may contain hormones from the female cow being in a state of constant lactation. Also many people have a dairy intolerance which may cause constipation. For these reasons it’s best to temporarily cut out all dairy foods until you see a reduction on the scales or looser fitting closes. Luckily many meals in the Challenge Hub including the Healthy Mummy Smoothie are dairy free or ingredients can be switched to dairy free options if needed.
2. No white processed foods such as white bread, pasta, rice etc:
These foods are way over processed and no longer resemble the food in its original state. They are lower in fibre and nutrients and being a refined starch, they also cause a fast spike in blood sugar followed by a quick fall which can be associated with insulin problems. So no white foods for a couple of weeks, it’s still fine to have wholemeal bread/pasta and wild or brown rice.
3. Minimise or cut out sugar:
Sugar contributes to candida and diabetes and promotes fat storage. Quitting sugar is definitely one of the hardest things to do, but your body will thank you. Sugar can be likened to a ‘drug addiction’ so no doubt some will find it extremely difficult. I am talking refined sugars, not naturally occurring sugars in fruits etc. Keep some natural sugars on hand such as stevia if you need some sweetness. You can also get your FREE guide to sugar here and learn the facts from fiction.
4. Alkalise the body:
By consuming plenty of green vegetables, almonds, seeds, healthy oils and drinking plenty of water you can put your body in an alkaline state. This means you will be cleansing your organs. Healthy organs such as the liver and kidneys will increase the amount of fat you can metabolise. You can also speed this process up by adding some sodium bicarbonate to your drinking water. Please note it is not recommended for those with high blood pressure to consume sodium bicarbonate.
5. Replace a meal for a smoothie:
Sometimes we need to trick the body by changing up the types of foods we eat. Having a liquid meal, means we aren’t consuming heavy starchy foods and refined sugars, so it’s an easy, convenient way to break a weight loss plateau. Healthy Mummy Smoothies are also high in fibre which is great for the bowels to help keep you regular.
You don’t need to follow all of the suggestions to break a plateau, choosing 1 or 2 suggestions may be enough to help get you back on your weight loss journey.
Written by Elisha Danine – BHSc Compl. Med., Adv. Dip. Nut. Med
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