Hi ladies! One of the things I notice a lot of is that exercise motivation seems to fall off pretty quickly and we all find reasons why we can’t do exercise or put it in the too hard basket.
So today, I just wanted to write a little note to everyone on EXERCISE in the hope to MOTIVATE everyone to MOVE A LITTLE MORE and so that it doesn’t keep getting put in the hard basket
rhian exercising
Below are some of the common reasons people give for not doing exercise

  1. It is too hard
  2. They feel too unfit
  3. They feel too overweight
  4. They are too tired
  5. There is no time
  6. They hate exercise

best ways to lose weight
And of course, whenever we are trying to lose weight or be healthy what we eat accounts for around 70-80% of the results we get – BUT that doesn’t mean we should forget exercise.
Not only will exercise accelerate weight loss but MORE IMPORTANTLY it will prolong your life, improve your health and make you stronger and fitter.
I can promise you that my life is INSANE – I never have any down time and between my family and this business I am running around like a mad hatter all the time and am pretty stressed a lot of the time too!
And I wish I had MORE time to exercise but I make sure I do something every day – and it is mostly either incidental exercise or the 28 Day Challenge exercises which are fast and OMG effective – the below photos are me doing the 28 Day Challenge exercises after my kids finally go to bed as that is sometimes the only time I get to do exercise!
Exercising Rhian
So here are my come backs to the top reasons for NOT doing exercise:Results

  1. It is too hard – It doesn’t have to be. For e.g. the 28 Day Challenge exercises are done in under 30 mins and if you can only do half of them just do half
  2. They feel too unfit – Everyone starts somewhere. Start slowly and gradually build up. Over time you will get stronger and fitter and will be so proud you started
  3. They feel too overweight – If you are worried about people watching – do exercises on your own at home. Do the 28 Day Challenge videos or get the exercise DVD. Work up a sweat, get your diet straight, and you won’t be overweight for long smile emoticon
  4. They are too tired – I think most of us are tired – it just varies in the levels! When you have some energy grab it and do ten mins. Could be some squats, some mini push ups, a walk outside – get out of the mindset that exercise means an hour in the gym. Moving is exercise
  5. There is no time. Honestly we can always make time. It is about prioritising. Could be 5 mins here 5 mins there. Running up and down the stairs whilst cooking dinner, squatting whilst the kettle is boiling etc
  6. They hate exercise. Ah yes. it is easy to cast it off with this one. But does anyone love brushing teeth or cleaning your face or having a Dr’s/Dentist check up? Nope – but we do it as it is necessary part of life and we make it part of our routine – and the benefits outweigh what would happen from NOT doing it. So just do something small and you will start feeling the benefits.

I know it can be hard and lying on the sofa at night can be an easy option but if that is what you are doing right now why not jump up and do 20 squats and 20 mini ups.
Not much but it will work your heart and your muscles
Happy exercising xxx

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