Hi Lose Baby Weight team, my name is Sarah Bolton, I’m a mum of 3 (in 3 and a half years) and I want to share with you my lose baby weight success after I have been on your healthy eating plans.

In August I decided enough was enough, it was time to lose my pregnancy weight. So I looked into it and discovered your website via Facebook. I challenged myself to lose 12kg by Christmas.
On the third of September 2012 I began my challenge with a starting weight of 72kg.
Using the healthy mummy smoothies for lunch, with a healthy breakfast, smaller meal portions at night and your suggested healthy snacks – the weight started to fall off quickly, with only minimal exercise.
As I had a specific date to achieve my goal I decided I needed to accelerate the weight loss, so I found a local fitness instructor running a boot camp class and also attended classes at a nearby gym.
In the past I’ve tried to lose weight by just increasing exercise with little success. But this time I actually changed my diet first and I was surprised how easily the weight came off.
I only had to make a few very simple changes to see results, like eating a proper lunch rather than snacking while the kids ate. It was not disruptive or difficult to fit in to the busy mum lifestyle.
And I not only received great daily motivation from your Facebook page and emails but with the resources on your website I was educated in the area of weight loss and eating healthy.
It was especially helpful as I approached Christmas with still a few kg’s lose. Motivation and education is a dynamite combination.
I’m proud to share that I did lose the 12kg by Christmas, hitting 60kgs with just a few days spare. I lost a total of 50cm (15cm each from the waist and hips!) and dropped 2 dress sizes.
I feel great and am now looking forward to working on my fitness and toning up. My next challenge is to be able to enjoy a 5km run.
Thank you Lose Baby Weight, I wouldn’t have got there without you.
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