I actually went and bought some new scales today as I hopped onto my new ones it had the same reading so I got my husband to get on them (he is the same weight as he was in high school!!! RAH!)
He said the scales were fine ‘why’ he says. Because I have lost four kilos and and it has only been three weeks that I have been on the healthy mummy smoothies!
WOW! Like so many other mummys out there I was hestitant about fitting the smoothies into my grocery budget and then being disappointed with all the hope and hard work going into your family, husband and then not losing weight would be horrible.
But its not just the weight that I have lost, its my skin feels soft and cleaner, its my hair that feels better as well. And the energy, well I thought that was awesome!
It is all just so straight forward, have the smoothies, have a snack morning and afternoon, and I feel so refreshed ad focused exercising my body.
My tip though is to brush your teeth if you have a craving, and when your meal comes for the day, halve your plate with fresh veges or salad. I just love this lifestyle. Thank you for all your support. It’s so lovely to feel myself again, Sarah Tulloch

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