Hi Lose Baby Weight, for the last 2 years I have been reading all the amazing inspirational weight loss results emails and couldn’t wait to send mine in after being on the lose baby weight plans, so here it is.
During my first pregnancy I gained 20kg. After the birth of my son I instantly lost 10kg my baby weighed 4.2kg and I carried a lot of fluid so I felt amazing thinking I’d lose the weight in no time.

The night after his birth, his health took a turn for the worst, he’d contracted strep B during birth and had strep pneumonia and septicemia. He was rushed straight off to Special care and spent a very scary week in there.
By the end of the week I’d gained almost 5kg back, I was living on cafeteria food and eating whatever I wanted.  2 weeks after we got out of hospital I was admitted back in for urgent gallbladder removal surgery. A week after the surgery I hurt my back very badly, I couldn’t lift my son, I could barely walk (sometimes I couldn’t), if something startled me such as a dogs bark or I sneezed I would be crippled on the floor for hours.
It was the worst and best few weeks of my life. My back didn’t heal until I started doing strengthening exercises 4 months later and slowly I strengthen it back up.
After everything we’d been through I just wanted to enjoy my baby and was not ready to lose the extra weight until he was 14 months old when I found lose baby weight.
I asked for some information and Lose Baby Weight had called me and given me all the information I asked for. I ordered that day and started 3 days later.
Within 4 months I had lost 10kg and was back to my pre pregnancy weight of 70kg. The day after I hit my pre pregnancy weight I found out we were pregnant with baby number 2.
In my second pregnancy I only gained 14kg. I treated myself but also tried to exercise and eat healthy for my bubs sake and my own. The birth of my second bub also 4.2kg was a dream, I felt amazing when we left the hospital 3 days later and was 100% ready to have my healthy mummy smoothies again mainly for the health benefits plus used the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan.
By the time my second son was 2 months old I was back to 70kg, now at 6 months old I am down to 63kg and feel better then I have ever felt before. My confidence is through the roof and my health is better then ever.
Thank you so much lose baby weight, all up you have helped me lose 25kg and given me the knowledge to make healthy choices for myself and my family. Thank you, Mikayla Buller

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