Lose_baby_weightThis is my pregnancy weight loss picture to date (taken on  the weekend) after following the Lose Baby Weight plans
I have lost 9 kilos and still have a few more to be really happy.
I had been told by a friend about the Lose baby weight page on Facebook when it had first started, it looked really interesting.
After my 2nd pregnancy I had put on weight with my cravings being sugar, so on came the kilos. In March my dad passed away and 2 days after I buried him my 5 month old baby started having seizures and was diagnosed with a  rare form of epilepsy.
Due to extreme stress, fatigue and breast feeding (every hour day and night) I just ate what I could, whenever and whatever to keep my energy up.
Then one day I was so puffed after running around at the park and I thought crap, I’m only 32 and I’m stuffed! I looked in the mirror in my underwear and I was shocked beyond belief, I cried and thought how did I get like this.
With sadness and not doing anything special for me it was getting me down I had to do something, just for me. The next week I ordered the 28 day plan and my Healthy Mummy Smoothies. We prepared our shopping lists and got ready to start.
D day came and I said to myself I can do this and I’m ready. It was easy, the food was delicious and really easy to prepare. Within the first few weeks I lost 5 kilos, just by eating the plan, having the healthy mummy smoothies, having healthy snacks and cutting out sugar.
I’m now 9 kilos lighter and feel fantastic. The best thing I have ever done for myself. I’m now in my best jeans (pre 1st baby 3.5 years ago)
Thanks Lose Baby Weight, Kate Inglish xoxoxox
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding

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