Hi Lose Baby Weight, This is my weight loss journey so far, it was actually really hard to write this all down as it meant facing up to the feelings that I have had over the last few years.
Reading the other stories off your site gave me the courage to send this in as I now know everything I have felt others have felt as well.

Before i fell pregnant with my first son I was 58kgs. I struggled and eventually quit smoking so instead of eating for 2 I ate for 4. My labour was horrific and I ended up with lasting complications which left me unable to walk without significant pain, let alone exercise.
I felt depressed, alone and a failure. I hated my body and didn’t enjoy the first few months of motherhood (that is really hard to admit). I slowly started to get more mobile and gradually start enjoying motherhood, however 12 months later I was still 71kgs.
With a lot of effect I did eventually get down to 65kgs, just in time to fall pregnant with my second son. I was determined not to put on as much weight as last time. I had a much better pregnancy and a great delivery and recovery (yes I know how strange that sounds but compared to the first time around it really was).
By the time I took stock 6 weeks afterwards I was absolutely shocked to see that I was 77kgs! I looked at a few photos and was horrified that I had gotten so big again so off to the gym I went. I worked my butt off for 2 months, to my sleep deprived mind it seemed feasible to lose all the weight that I had gained from both pregnancies by Christmas.
Unfortunately, I barely saw any results and I was absolutely exhausted. I could feel myself losing motivation and the old feelings of failure and isolations were creeping back. I remembered a friend talking about the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
So at the end of December, armed with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and the 28 day eating plan I psyched myself up to give weight loss another go.
This time I set realistic expectations on myself and excepted that this is a journey over a period of time (thanks to the Lose Baby Weight website). As you can see from the photos below December and January has been a very very very successful month for me! I have lost 9kgs already.
I still have a long way to go but it means so very much to me that have made it this far. Now if I can just get my 4 months old to sleep 😉
Felicity Collins
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