A hot topic that is often talked about on the Lose Baby Weight Private Face Book page is “how do you all do it?!”how_do_they_do_it?
So over the next few weeks we will be doing a series of blog’s on several topics to help inspire and motivate all mum’s of any circumstance that no matter what your lifestyle/budget is, you can still have happy and healthy lifestyle.
Today’s topic is How Do Fly In Fly Out Mum’s Do It?  Often being left for weeks at a time without the support/help from their partners several mums have written in with their advice of how they still manage to get it all done.

Lucinda Warren

lucindaLucinda is a mum of 2 with a Husband who works away in the mines and has this advice to offer:
“I started the 28 Day Challenge in July and have lost almost 8kgs.
My biggest bit of advice is Organisation!  Before the 28 Day challenge I would meal plan but I felt I was going to the shops every day which with 2 kids in tow wasn’t fun or ideal 😉
The challenge has helped me plan my meals and snacks.  When hubby is home I go through the recipes and swap around depending on his tastes and shop according to that meal plan. I portion up meat and freeze with weights on the bags. I bake up of healthy treats, portion them up and freeze ready for easy to grab snacks.
I also cook when my baby goes down for his afternoon nap, so everything is organised when he wakes. I have the Healthy Mummy Smoothies often for lunch to save time and get the goodness into me, and help maintain my milk supply also.
I also exercise when my son is at kindy and baby is having his morning nap.”

Shannon Cridland

shannonShannon is another mum of 2 and has this advice to offer:
“Routine is imperative for us.
When the dads (or mums) come home the key is to stick to routine. We initially dropped routine when my hubby came home so we could do lots in a little time, and this totally affected our child’s behaviour  and our relationship!! I now stick to routine and my husband slots into it to be with us and everyone is alot happier”

Kat Brown

Lose Baby weight plans, motivating mum, best ways to lose weightKat is a mum to 4 and has this advice to offer:
“When you are a FIFO mum it is so hard to think of how you are going to fit everything in to the day let alone making healthy meals and exercising!
I agree that once you get yourself into a good routine- stick to it like glue!  I found that incidental exercise became my best friend! And any other exercising was done at night.
Meal preparation was also a big part of my success.  Pre chopping veg for the week and storing in the fridge, cooking two meals at one and freezing for the “too hard nights” and preparing the kids dinner when they would eat their lunch was a massive time saver for me. ”

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