A hot topic that is often talked about on the Lose Baby Weight Private Face Book Page is “how do you all do it?!”
how_do_they_do_it?So over the next few weeks we will be doing a series of blog’s on several topics to help inspire and motivate all mum’s of any circumstance that no matter what your lifestyle/budget is, you can still have happy and healthy lifestyle.
Today’s topic is How Do Studying Mum’s Do It?  Mum’s are already very pressed for time so today we have  mums who are offering their advice on how to Do It All while studying as well.

 Katrina Bain

Katrina is a single mum of 2 and has been following the Lose Baby Weight plans since May and have so far lost 8.3kgs and over 40cms from her body.
“As a busy studying mum it can sometimes be a struggle to fit everything in.  Studying has never been conducive to weight loss and I have learnt how to maintain my healthy eating even in the face of stress and tight assignment deadlines.
Before I sit down to begin my study I fill up two water bottles, one for the fridge, and one to go beside me on the table. I also pre-prepare my snacks so I have no excuse to go looking in the cupboards. Crunchy snacks seem to help me focus more (there might be some scientific reason behind this but it just works for me). I create a mini-smorgasbord of healthy options – a small handful of almonds, an apple cut into slices, carrot sticks with a small serve of hummus, roasted chickpeas (I have 4 different flavour combos I use so whatever one I have in the cupboard or can quickly make), and sometimes a few squares of dark chocolate or a piece of whatever baking I have done that week from the Guilt Free Cookbook. Sometimes if all those snacks still aren’t cutting it I quickly make myself a Snickers Smoothie – it’s my favourite energy boosting smoothie when I need that extra fuel.
I also make sure to take regular small breaks, and use this time to fit some exercise in. So I will do 30 minutes of studying or writing, and then get up and do 20 squats, another 30 minutes of studying and I will stop and do 20 tricep dips. It means I am not forfeiting doing a work-out, but it also gives me a few minutes break from studying, and helps refocus when I go back to it. Often during exam time I have to forfeit doing my housework, but I would rather concentrate on the important things – my daughter, my studies and my health. Housework can wait for a few days, and anyone that is important won’t mind that your house is a little bit messier than usual. ”

Kirby Hubbard

Kirby is a mum of a 2.5 year old, working part time and studying full time and has been following the 28 Day Challenge since September.
“People constantly ask me how I do it. Honestly I don’t know myself as sometimes it can be a real struggle!!  Being a busy mum is about being efficient.
Efficiency is the key for me in ensuring everything doesn’t get on top of me.
I have managed to ensure I have time to clean the house, exercise, do some shopping, study and have time for myself as well as my family.
It’s done by creating times and having a rough schedule for the week.
It’s about making it work for you and your family and ensuring you have some down time so you don’t get too unwell.  It is possible. You don’t need to be strong or invincible. You just have to be smart and efficient in everything you do.”

 Sherie Wilson

Previous Motivating Mum Sherie is a mum of 2 has been following the Lose Baby Weight plans since 2012. You can read Sherie’s progress here.
“Organisation is key! sitting down and writing up a weekly study schedule is a must for me and it needs to document 24hrs 7days a week… things I like to include are normal tasks like meals as its important to eat a balanced diet and also to include down time like family and exercise time!  Having it mapped out shows the times you can dedicate to your studies and you must stick to it!
i also suggest having a quiet area to study away from the kids… the kitchen table is not an ideal place as you will constantly be interrupted. Rewards are a great way to keep focused. finally a happy mummy is a happy family.. as a mum we tend to run around after our children and partners forgetting our own needs, study is something you can do not only to benefit your family in the long run but it also empowers you as a person! knowing you can be more than just mum! and a role model in all aspects of your family’s life”

Caroline Skinner

Mum of 2 Caroline has been following the 28 Day Challenges with great success.
“I have just recently finished my bachelors degree which I was doing via correspondence. I work full time and have two boys 4 and 1. The best tips I can give for fitting everything in is obviously being super organised and extremely strict with time (routine).
I would fit in my exercise in the morning and use my afternoons for preparing dinner and the day and my weekends for preparing the week ahead. I use lots of plans – one for study, one for meals and exercise and one for the family. My husband is very hands on too so if possible divide jobs between you and you partner/support person.
Although it is very hectic and full on one thing I did think of constantly is that it wouldn’t be like this forever and the benefits from studying and a healthier lifestyle will mean a better life for me and family. Setting small achievable and realistic goals and small milestones helped too so it didn’t feel so overwhelming and less likely that I would fail or give up.”

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