When you are trying to lose pregnancy weight and are doing your weekly shop for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge it pays to shop around.
Today we had a look at some common items from our challenge shopping list and compared the prices in Coles and Woolworths.
Lose Baby Weight - Cheaper Supermarket
You can see below that for many products there was quite a difference in price between the two supermarkets.
*** Please note the price list was compiled on 20.4.15 and was based on online shopping prices Coles and Woolworths for postcode 2515. Some supermarkets don’t offer the exact same prices in different parts of the state or country.
** We did not include Aldi as they don’t offer online shopping and it would not be possible to compare like for like brands as they don’t stock many of the major brands. You can often get similar products at Aldi at a cheaper price than Coles and Woolworths – it pays to shop around!
* The prices include items that are on sale on this particular day. They are not necessarily the cheapest item available but both brands were for sale in both supermarkets. You can often find good value Coles and Woolworths home brand items that cost significantly less than name brand items.


> Sanitarium Crunchy Natural Peanut Butter (100% Peanuts) 375g

  • Coles $4.46
  • Woolworths $4.05

> Melrose Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil 300g

  • Coles $12.87
  • Woolworths $11.70

> White Wings Plain Wholemeal Flour 1kg

  • Coles $3.42
  • Woolworths $3.25

> Nature’s Way Super Food Cacao Powder 125g

  • Coles $10.84
  • Woolworths $7.99

> Jalna Fat Free Natural Yoghurt 500g

  • Coles $4.83
  • Woolworths $4.60

> San Remo Wholemeal Cous Cous 450g

  • Coles $3.03
  • Woolworths $2.75

> Devondale Light N Tasty Cheese Slices 200g

  • Coles $5.17
  • Woolworths $3.87

> Simply Better Organic Tofu 250g

  • Coles $3.85
  • Woolworths $3.49

> Sirena Tuna In Springwater 95g

  • Coles $2.64
  • Woolworths $2.40

> Edgell Chick Peas Tinned 400g

  • Coles $1.87
  • Woolworths $1.78

> Dairy Farmers Light Sour Cream

  • Coles $2.75
  • Woolworths $2.45

> The Chia Co Black Chia Seeds 500g

  • Coles $21.11
  • Woolworths $18.99

> Lucky Almond Meal 400g

  • Coles $13.31
  • Woolworths $10.99

> Twinings Peppermint Tea 10 pack

  • Coles $2.70
  • Woolworths $2.49

> Organic Rye Mountain Bread 8 Pieces

  • Coles $3.99
  • Woolworths $3.00


> Campbell’s Real Chicken Stock 1L

  • Coles $1.95
  • Woolworths $3.95

> Avocado 

  • Coles $2.25 each
  • Woolworths $2.98 each

> Baby Spinach 150g

  • Coles $3.50
  • Woolworths $4.00


> Manning Valley Free Range Large Eggs 12 pack 600g

  • Coles $5.70
  • Woolworths $5.70

> Helgas Mixed Grain Bread 850g

  • Coles $3.50
  • Woolworths $3.50

> Pampas Puff Pastry Reduced Fat 6 Sheets 1kg

  • Coles $4.00
  • Woolworths $4.00


For this particular shopper for these specific items, the trolley of groceries would have cost:

  • Woolworths $107.93
  • Coles $117.74

Therefore it would have been $9.81 cheaper to shop at Woolworths.


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If you are interested to see the comparison of prices for the Coles, Woolworths and Aldi home brand options, check out our table below. Please note we have only included items that are all available in the 3 stores.

Lose Baby Weight - Compare Supermarket Prices

The items highlighted in yellow are the cheaper option. You can see from our comparison that Aldi is cheaper for many staple products – it is $2.46 more to buy from Coles and $3.96 more to buy from Woolworths for these particular products.

We have purposely designed the recipes to be family and budget friendly. You can tailor the menus to suit your family’s tastes and budgets – you could even let the kids help to customise your weekly menu including meals and snacks.