Hi everyone!
So today I am going to talk about how I fit in healthy living into my very busy life.
Firstly, please know that I am not a saint, nor a super woman –  and just like everyone reading this I have good days and bad days.
I am totally normal and just like you am a busy mum leading a busy life and every day is a juggle with my 2 children (2 and 4), family life, my business and trying to fit time in for me too!

Aim for balance

The biggest ‘thing’ that I incorporate into my life is balance.
I truly believe that obsession in any way, shape or form can be counter productive and unhealthy – especially with health and diets.
If you take the health industry today it can be so confusing. Every day something new happens which contradicts something from the day before and it it all starts to hurt your brain and confuse you as to what is the best choice to make – as well as cause you to panic as to the past choices you may have made.
This is where I believe a balanced approach is good and it is the one I apply to my life.
All the nutritionists who who work me on the business (and who create all our meal plans and recipes) have the same philosophy too and everything in the Healthy Mummy range, meal plans and recipe books advocate this balanced approach too so that mums following plans have a sustainable and realistic way of life to follow – rather than something that cuts of food groups etc

What I eat

I eat well and eat a healthy diet most of the time and I try to focus as much as possible on the nutrition in the food I am eating (which is why I always have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every day) but if I want to have a treat then I do it and I don’t feel bad about it!
I just make sure it is all balanced with the rest of my diet and I always make sure that the treats are actually treats and never become the bulk of my food.
What’s my weakness? I could easily eat through a loaf of crusty bread and butter – YUM!
I also like to make sweet healthy treats and experiment with this too as I believe as soon as you tell yourself you can’t have something then you automatically do want it – and this is what inspired me to create books such as the Guilt Free Chocolate Cook Book, the Top 30 Desserts Book and is why we have desserts on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
And of course I have times when I feel low and I want to emotionally eat – and I do! But the next day I make sure I do some extra exercise to use up the extra energy I ate.

Make healthy part of your life

I think the biggest thing for me is that healthy living is part of my life. It isn’t something I think about or have to try hard to do – it is just part of my life.
Rhian lose Baby Weight
When I go shopping, I don’t buy junk food and I think this is the first big step in changing your own life as if the bad food isn’t there then you can’t eat it!
I also find that pre making snacks is a great way to eat healthy foods too – protein balls, healthy muffins and chocolate treats – even biscuits are great to make and are good fun to do with the kids as well and many are freezable as well


Before kids I had the luxury of time – and I didn’t even know it! I used to go to the gym, go to the sauna after the gym and this was 4-5 times a week. Wow. Haven’t done that in 5 years.
So my exercise is a lot different now. Now I do what I can when I can. Kids parks are my new gyms. I can often be seen using a park bench as a step up or doing squats whilst pushing my kids on the swings.
Exercise For Mums
I also march around my house a lot! March to the kettle, march to the toliet, run up and down the stairs, squat a lot and do the challenge exercises after the kids go to bed.
Am I super fit? No! But I am ok. Could I do more? Yes.
But I do what I can when I can and I am ok with that.
Thanks for reading ladies
Rhian x
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