Lose_baby_weight_resultsMy first pregnancy I put on 20kg of pregnancy weight. When I had my son only 4kg came off.
I re-searched several diets on how to lose weight safely whilst breastfeeding as I did not want to comprimise my milk supply, until I came across the Lose Baby Weight page that helped me.
I was able to get the 28 day diet and exercise plan that night and start straight away. I began reading alot of other womens weight loss success stories and they inspired me. I thought  that one day I could too share my story like all these other successful, happy women. And now that day is here : )
I have lost a total of 13kg so far on the Lose Baby Weight plans, and I am 3 kg off my goal weight . But now anything is possible. I feel so much stronger exercising and have so much more energy now to give to my growing family. I thought that once having a baby exercise would be near impossible to get back into, but I was most definitely wrong.
Lose Baby Weight continues to inspire me and I would recommend this diet to anyone. Thanks to everyone that makes this page happen.
Casey Bird
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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