Hi Lose Baby Weight, My name is Antje and I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old.
I never got back down to pre-pregnancy weight with my first. In fact by the time I conceived my second I was 10kg heavier!
With number 2 I put on 19kg more! Holy Doley!
I knew I was putting on weight while pregnant, but just couldn’t stop eating and made some bad food choices along the way.
About 2 months before I was due, an advert for the lose baby weight plans came up in my Facebook feed. Interested I clicked through and had a read of all the stories and how it wasn’t just mums who were skinny to start with losing 3 or 4kgs to get back to pre-pregnacy weight, but also people like me that had quite a bit to lose and they were succeeding!
I Liked the page and kept reading the stories and looking at the recipes that came up. I was actually quite excited about being able to start.
I had already lost a fair bit 12kg overnight and a few more in the following month.
It took me 2 months to get to the point where I was ready to start the Healthy Mummy smoothies. I’ve dieted in the past, but only half-heartedly. My moment was when I was running around after Mr 2, and after a few laps of the loungeroom I was exhausted!
I just could not keep up with him! It made me really sad to think that I would end up being the mum that can’t play with her kids. I would miss out on so much!
So I ordered the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and they came in express post the next day. I had no more excuses and I was actually excited about trying them. My first smoothie was simply banana and a little honey. Playing it safe. I could not believe how nice it was, and what’s more, by the time lunch time rolled around I was only just starting to feel hungry again!
I was amazed that I wasn’t starving after 5 minutes!
As the days went on I became more adventurous with my smoothies and one day made a smoothie with avocado in it. It was so yummy I emailed it in and you posted it to your facebook page.
It was such a shock to see my smoothie when I logged in! A few days later I went back to look at peoples comments to see if they liked it too and was amazed to see that it had 84 likes! WOW what a boost!
I’ve only been on the smoothies for 1 month, and I have had a few slip ups, but have already lost 4.7kg! I am now pre-pregnancy weight and I can’t wait to keep going.
This is the longest I have ever stuck to any weight loss effort and by being prepared with my food and not putting to much pressure on myself I am able to keep going! My whole way of eating has changed and I find myself making healthier choices when I’m out too!
My portion sizes have nearly halved and I am recognising when I am full and I have found the ability to say stop, not just finish of the plate and go back for more.
I’ve only just begun and I still have a lot to go until I am pre-baby number 1 weight, but I feel as if so much has changed already. I have more energy and for the first time I feel as if it is actually achievable!
Thank you Lose Baby Weight!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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