Hi Lose Baby Weight, My name is Angela Treacy and I’m a proud mum to Jack who will be 9 months old soon.
I had Jack via c-section and knew that the road to losing weight wouldn’t be easy. 9 months on and I still sometimes feel like I have to hold my scar when I sneeze! I know (even now), that doing sit ups etc really wasn’t going to work for me!
I had been going for hour long walks every day and I just couldn’t shift any weight. My problem was that I was snacking on bad food instead of planning healthy snacks and meals.
I saw Lose Baby Weight through Facebook around August 2012 and thought I would check it out the website. I ordered the starter pack and the weight loss meal plan and smoothies and got started on my trail to a healthier and happier me!
I lost around 2 kgs in the first week by simply eating healthier, and actually doing less exercise! I love my morning berry smoothie, and have become addicted to the sweet potato and pumpkin salad. 🙂
5 months on I have lost almost 8kgs! I must admit that i went off track over the Christmas season and put on about 3 kgs (oops!). However, I’m back home now and have been a lot better the last two weeks and feel like I’m back on track.
It is so hot in Central Qld over the summer, so I have cut out my outdoor activities and stuck using exercise DVD’s in the air-con. When Jack goes down for his morning sleep, I give myself time to exercise and have a healthy snack before he wakes up, instead of rushing around doing the washing and ironing!
I would like to lose another 4kgs, but as long as i’m eating healthy and exercising regularly I feel so much better about myself.  To put it simply, being healthy makes me a happier mum, and that’s what Lose Baby Weight has helped me achieve.
Thanks, Angela
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