The little black dress test  – By Andrea Kloosterman (Adi).
They say it takes 9 months to put it and 9 months to take it off. Well my baby boy is 9 months today and all my baby weight is gone with a big thanks to the Lose Baby Weight team and Lose Baby Weight Plans.
I put on almost 8kgs with my second baby and even though I was breast feeding I had lost NOTHING by the time bubby was 6 months. I still weighed the same as I did at full term.


Then I saw a picture from my baby’s christening and I didn’t like what I saw. I was determined to wear that little black dress again and next time I was gonna ROCK IT!!
I had added Lose baby weight on Facebook while I was pregnant and was so inspired by all the other mums who had won the battle with their post baby weight.
Even though I was reluctant as other ‘diets’ had come and gone in my life I took a chance, and ordered the Essentials pack. I renewed that dusty old gym membership and in the first week on the delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothies I lost 1.4kgs.
My goal was to lose 7.8kgs and get back to my pre pregnancy weight and since starting the Healthy Mummy Smoothies in November 2012 I have lost 8.6kgs, lighter than before my baby came along; 74.8kgs down to 66.2kgs in approximately 3 months.
I’ve reset my goal to 64kgs which is what I weighed at 22, almost 5 years ago and puts me in a healthy BMI range. My whole idea about ‘diets’ has changed this isn’t a diet it’s a healthy eating program that was created for mums and IT WORKS!
I still enjoy my Healthy Mummy Smoothies daily, Thank you again Lose Baby Weight Team J
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