Do you ever think about exercising and just feel a great big ‘meh’? Yes, us too. Sometimes we lose motivation because we’ve had a super busy day, but sometimes it’s just because we’ve gotten bored with our routine.
weight_loss_exerciseHere’s another question: do you ever get bored of laughing? Of course you don’t! OK, maybe that was a silly question because laughing is clearly a lot easier than getting out and working up a sweat. But the point is that joyfulness is a great motivator.
Weight loss plans aren’t always easy to maintain. We all have our low moments. So let’s harness the power of joyfulness to push ourselves through the exercise doldrums.
And here’s our joyful suggestion for today… Hoola-hooping.
Yes you may vaguely remember it from the late 70s or 80s, but the other day we saw a woman doing it in the park and we thought, wow, what a great way to burn some calories!
We see our bubs laughing and finding joy every day. So as a mum it shouldn’t be too hard to release our inner child.. if only for a little while. And it’s for a great cause: losing post baby weight!
It uses your hip muscles, your glutes and of course your core muscles, which helps us get slimmer waists and lose tummy fat. It gets your heart rate up and… it can make us laugh and make us feel like kids again.
First you need an adult sized hoola-hoop. We suggest you start with 10 minutes at a time and once you get really good, alternate lifting your legs to increase the core workout and improve your balance at the same time. Don’t forget to engage your pelvic floor muscles, it makes an amazing difference to your ability to balance and it really works your abs!
And if you’re not slightly out of breath after a few minutes, then you’re not working hard enough. So step it up and really burn those calories (10 minutes will burn approximately 100 calories as long as you’re puffing!).
And if you need some extra help then check out our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and join up to our FREE weight loss members area.