I have to say, I’m pretty amazed at myself for even getting here, writing my final post as a motivating mum and 23kg down!
When I started this Lose Baby Weight journey in August I never dreamed it would be so effective or make me feel so good about myself. But here I am! And here is a little sum up of my story for all those others out there ploughing through their own story.
lose baby weight
I am a mum of three tremendous little ones. I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old and my newest 6 month old bubba. I had gained weight in my first 2 pregnancies and lost it again over time with a little exercise. So going into pregnancy number 3 I assumed it would be the same.
But I was pre-diabetic during my pregnancy and gained 22kg rapidly. I lost all muscle tone and began eating whatever I felt like, whenever I could get my hands on it. That became basically a staple of chocolate, chips, pasta and potato!
After the birth of my third child, I realised how difficult everything had become. I’d had my third caesarian in 4 years and my recovery was incredibly slow and painful. I couldn’t fit into any clothes and had little to no energy.
Within 4 weeks I had gained back all the weight I had lost at birth. My moods were terrible! Late one night I saw a facebook post from Lose Baby Weight and I knew that this time I would have to focus on it and succeed. So I signed up to the Lose Baby Weight plans!!
I started on the 28 day plan and had one healthy mummy smoothie per day. And you know, it was so much easier than I thought it would be!! I eased myself into it slowly, making one change per week. After three weeks I added in walking, then soon after, aerobic exercise at home. I saw results so quickly that it kept me inspired to continue.
I gave myself rewards for meeting goals – making a dress for myself, getting a hair cut, etc. The day I fit back into size 12 jeans I did a happy dance in front of the mirror! I still use dinner and breakfast recipes from the 28 day plan and the website (it’s so full of delicious easy food ideas) and I have 1-2 smoothies a day. I still haven’t gotten through all the smoothie recipes!
Lose Baby Weight has been the most wonderful support system. The weight loss products are fabulous, the motivating mums are so encouraging and there is no lack of inspiration if you need it! This whole journey hasn’t been 100% easy. I’ve been sick several times, lost my exercise mojo, travelled, caved to the pressure of christmas food….. but Lose Baby Weight has always helped me get back up again.
I’m thrilled to report I’ve now lost 23.8kg and am into the 50s for the first time since being a kid! I still have 1.2kg to go til my goal weight and I think I may even adjust it to go a little further. I feel fabulous, I have energy AND I just bought my first ever size 8 shirt!! Being happy with how I look and feeling like I have enough energy for my kids is the greatest gift I could have given myself. This wasn’t about getting ‘thin’. It was about becoming the best me I could be. How awesome it is to feel at your best!
Starting weight and measurements

  • Weight: 83.3kg down to 59.5kg (23.8kg loss)
  • Thigh: 67cm down to 50cm (17cm gone)
  • Hips: 112cm down to 92cm (20cm gone)
  • Waist: 101cm down to 72cm (29cm gone)
  • Bust (breastfeeding): 104cm down to 85cm (19cm gone)

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