So, it’s nearly the end of December (where did that time go?!?) and so far I’m glad to say I have been largely staying on track whilst on the Lose Baby Weight weight loss program and my total weight loss is 22kg
Our party season is well and truly underway and I have breezed through 4 Christmas parties with healthy eating and not feeling like I miss out on anything. By george, I think I have the hang of this healthy eating thing! After 4 months of only drinking green tea (for a tea addict this was BIG!) I have finally eased up and let myself enjoy one cup of black tea per day.
Bliss! It’s the little things that make you feel decadent.I will admit that I made a gluten free gingerbread house but I only nibble on it every couple of days. It is Christmas after all. However, I have replaced soft drink at the parties for mineral water or plain water. I have replaced dessert with fruit and I don’t drink alcohol. I find I’m so often simply not hungry after eating all my vegies and fruit so I end up not wanting the biscuits, cakes, chocolates and extra Christmas season goodies. Besides, the summer fruits are so delicious and fresh that I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t eat them!
My healthy eating goal at parties is to find the food that most matches the meals from the 28 day diet and exercise plan and when we are home I still make our dinners from those recipes. I’ve kept up my 1-2 healthy mummy smoothies a day and am still finding plenty of new recipes to try. Having a chocolate smoothie hit on some tired mornings has been wonderful!
I have been challenged with maintaining my exercise as we get busier and busier. I’ve had several mornings of losing my exercise mojo so I tell myself to ‘Buck up princess and get on with it!’. Sometimes you have to be a hard task master on yourself. And I always feel so much better after I do exercise.
But isn’t it too easy to find excuses? I don’t feel 100%, my baby was up last night so I’m tired, I only have 20 minutes so it’s not enough time….. Trust me, I use them all!! My littlest bubba has been teething so my exhaustion levels are right up there. My eldest is graduating preschool and turning 5 so we’ve had parties, graduations, concerts…. I barely have time to scratch myself! But I have been working hard to keep exercise as a priority, if only to help keep my energy levels up and give me some fitness to manage this busy time.
I have given myself permission to relax a little over this month and have set my expectations to exercise 3-4 times a week rather than 6-7 times. I’ve slotted in segments of the Lose Baby Weight Dvd where I can (while making dinner, while my kids eat lunch, straight after breakfast, etc).
By far my favourite exercise has been dancing. I didn’t think of it until I saw another motivating mum posting about it on the facebook page. And now I’m in love! It makes you sweat, you can add in plenty of cardio toning, you get to zone out the kids for a while and it lifts your mood so much. I do close the blinds though so the mailman doesn’t see my unco moves.
I dance for 45 minutes and scatter through it squats, lunges, arm lifts, leg raises, pelvic lifts, sit ups, push ups, calf raises and anything else I can think of. I highly recommend you try it if your workout is in a funk. Or jump on the facebook page and challenge yourself to match the exercise routine of one of the motivating mums. I’ve been doing this and it’s great – like having an online personal trainer! I’ve also been working on making the best use of my incidental exercise – adding in squats while folding washing, playing ‘chasey monsters’ with my kids at the park or at home, pushing the pram or the trolley up hill on ramps and escalators, doing lunges or dancing while cleaning the house, lifting my baby above my head while playing with him…. the possibilities are endless!
I’m onto my last 3kg to lose and I really want to work on getting toned. I’ll enjoy the Christmas season without being crazy about food and keep plodding away at building my muscle tone. I will succeed!!

Holly’s Top 5 Diet and Exercise Tips

1. Swap soft drink for mineral water, even add in an ice cube with frozen raspberry in it. Delicious and decadent without the calories!
2. Eat fresh summer fruits for desserts. They are so sweet and tasty.
3. Start dancing every morning, even just for 15 minutes. Load your favourite music onto your ipod and jiggle your whole body. It’s so much fun!
4. Do muscle toning where you can. Do some sit ups while dinner cooks or calf raises while taking your toddler to the toilet. Do squats while making the beds. Every little bit counts!
5. Make your incidental exercise work for you. Busy grocery shopping? Lift the heavy items! Taking your kids to a party? Stop for 5 minutes to chase them around. They love it! Pushing your bub in the pram? Find a hill to push up or just squeeze your butt muscles while you walk. There’s no need to skip exercise just because you’re busy!
Let’s all get onto a healthy, happy, active Christmas!


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