Hi Lose Baby Weight Mummies!
Well, it’s been nearly 12 months since I hit my target weight goal with Lose Baby Weight after I had my third bubba. I have now lost 27kg with Lose Baby Weight!
Lose Baby Weight-27kg Loss
After gaining a crazy 24kg with the little man (there was a lot of pasta being eaten in those 9 months), I felt horrible and disgusting. Every time I walked past a mirror I would either choose not to look or get even more depressed at what I saw.
I had never struggled with my weight before and I was terrified of becoming someone who said “oh I had my last baby 30 years ago and just never lost the weight”. I wanted to be fit and energetic and, dang it, attractive!
Thankfully, after 8 months on Lose Baby Weight (which was just so easy by the way!) I reached 58.5kg and was happily walking around in size 8-10 clothes.
I’ve had a difficult and hectic 12 months since then. I returned to work part time, started studying, spent a great deal of time sick with a liver condition (which involved lengthy testing, medication changes and a whole lot of stress) and we squashed in a 3 month trip to America with our 3 kids.
While a 3 month holiday might seem glorious, just consider being in a foreign country with your 3 kids, no babysitters, no friends and a second winter season- which means more colds, coughs, flus….. Siiigghhh.
But it was a marvellous experience full of fried chicken and sweet tea. Which helped me bring home an extra 5kg.
Thank goodness for Lose Baby Weight! That weight was gone within 3 weeks back on the 28 day plan!
Lose Baby Weight-27kg Loss
So, maintaining weight loss with 3 munchkins and a super hectic lifestyle is a bit of a juggle, but Lose Baby Weight genuinely do make it easier!
I do bootcamp twice a week and try to fit in a combination of bushwalking, exercise app workouts and the Lose Baby Weight DVD a few more times a week. But I’m not an exercise junkie – I just try to keep the jiggly bum at bay!
I still use the 28 day plan recipes for the whole family. I’m gluten, lactose and sugar free so it’s usually hard for me to source food I can eat (that doesn’t taste like cardboard) but Lose Baby Weight provides awesome recipes that my whole family really do love.
I use the healthy chocolate cookbook aaalllll the time. I LOVE that book!!!!
I still maintain between 58.5-60kg and my clothes still happily fit! And I very enthusiastically credit Lose Baby Weight when I get compliments!
It’s so worth it just to feel comfortable and energetic and beautiful. It looks different for each one of us. Just stick to your goals and keep plugging away -we’re all here cheering for you!!
If you’re plugging through the hard work phase of losing weight – trying to rejig your diet and do more exercise even though your thighs burn from 1000 squats, KEEP GOING!!!
Holly xx

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