Hi my name is Hollie Mongan. 8 Months ago I had my 2nd baby a gorgeous son. Before I got pregnant with my daughter I was 55kg. After I had her I stayed around 65kg until I got pregnant with my son.
My 2 kids are 20 months apart and I really had no time to exercise. I have always eaten well but I love chocolate (doesn’t everyone??). While pregnant with my son I tried to eat as healthy as I could and only put on 10kg at full term, this included bubby.
Also while pregnant I discovered your Facebook page. I loved the idea of the Lose Baby Weight meal plan and smoothies. Once my gorgeous baby was born I weighed 68kg about a week after the birth. I waited a few months until I bought my first healthy mummy smoothie.
I now have the smoothies as my breakfast every day. I don’t feel right unless I have one. I wanted to keep up my nutrition while breastfeeding my son Zac. When I breast fed my daughter I lost a MASSIVE amount of hair. So much that my hair line receded by 2cm!
Here are a few things I have noticed while on your healthy mummy smoothies and Lose baby Weight plans:
1. Increased milk supply! ( Zac is a very hungry baby boy. At 8 months he still feeds 3 times during the night. I have worked out that he drinks almost 2L of my breast milk per day! When I miss a day having a smoothie (because I have run out!!) he is constantly grumpy as I don’t have the milk supply he wants.
2. Generally healthier! ( I hardly get sick)
3. Reduced hair loss after birth!!! 🙂 ( I have hardly lost any hair while being on your smoothies. This was one of my MAIN concerns after having Zac.)
Weight loss: I currently weigh 57.8kg!! This is a loss of 10.2kg 😀
In the last 2 months ( since I started using your weight loss tracking system on your website) I have lost

  • 2.5cm from my Bust
  • 4.5cm from my waist
  • 4cm from my hips
  • 3.5cm from my thighs!!

Thank you for creating your healthy mummy smoothie! I will be continuing to make it part of my day for a long time to come.

If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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