Hey fabulous 28 Day Challenge members!
We’re 100% committed to constantly improving the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – and today you can WIN A FIT BIT by filling out the 28 Day Challenge Survey
Fit bit
The Challenge is 2 years old now and we know that you love the Challenge but we never EVER take you or your custom for granted and we are always looking at ways to constantly improve what we do for you – and always ensure it is the BEST value anywhere in the world.
We totally get that every mum is on a budget so we promise to always make our offering affordable so that healthy eating and weight loss is doable and our goal is to keep improving the Challenge so that it makes everything even easier for you
Help us by answering the questions below and the winner to the Fit Bit will be chosen by the Healthy Mummy team of judges in our Manly office. The Competition closes on Sunday 10th July and the winner will b announced on Wednesday 13th July.