what is the healthy weight for my height?What is a healthy weight range? This is a hotly debated topic. But currently the BMI (body mass index) is the accepted measure of whether you are in a normal, overweight or obese weight range. You can work out yours here
Do you want to lose weight fast, but not sure what your final goal is?
We here at Lose Baby Weight would never tell you what weight you need to be. We just want you fit and feeling healthy. If that means you are happy with your BMI being on the high side of ‘normal’, that’s perfectly fine by us.
We have a BMI calculator tool if you’d like to check where you personally fit in this index.
George Clooney & Brad Pitt fat??
George Clooney AND Brad Pitt were considered overweight by BMI standards? Of course, the BMI doesn’t take into account those who are highly muscled for their height (Brad’s six pack is to die for isn’t it?). For us mere mortals, BMI is still a good rule of thumb to judge ourselves by.
Remember the idea is not to become number obsessed, but to fall in love with being fit and healthy again. We advise safe weight loss that you can maintain to get your post-pregnancy weight loss happening without feeling like you’re starving or going without. Ultimately a happy mum is going to have much better health results than a starving and unhappy one!
Normal weight ranges for females over 21 years

  • 160cm – normal weight range for the height: 44.8 – 65.8 kgs
  • 162cm – normal weight range for the height: 45.9 – 67.4 kgs
  • 164cm – normal weight range for the height: 47.1 – 69.1 kgs
  • 166cm – normal weight range for the height: 48.2 – 70.8 kgs
  • 168cm – normal weight range for the height: 49.4 – 72.5 kgs
  • 170cm – normal weight range for the height: 50.6 – 74.3 kgs
  • 172cm – normal weight range for the height: 51.8 – 76.0 kgs

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