Hi lovelies. My name is Lauren and I’m the Healthy Mummy Local Consultant for Canberra.
I am 31, have a 3 year old boy and am 23 weeks pregnant with number 2.
I live in Canberra, work full time and my hubby works long hours 6 days a week. I had always been sporty as a child/teenager, but am a big emotional eater and pre-pregnancy (number 1) I weighed 95kg (I’m 174cm).
During my first pregnancy I got preeclampsia, I wasn’t eating very well and was really unmotivated to be active. I got to 126kg when my little man was born at 35+5 weeks.
I was lucky that I actually got reasonably close to being back at pre-pregnancy weight by the time he was 6 months old, but after some tough times trying to deal with PND (initially without seeking any help) and finding that emotional eating again I got back up to 110kg by the time he was 22 months old.
I started seeing a psychologist and knew that my active, fun loving, outdoorsy kid deserved a mum who could run around and find my fun again. This was a major influencing factor and my ‘turnaround’ moment. I decided I needed to pull myself together, start valuing myself again and do something about my lifestyle!
My friend mentioned that she was doing the Healthy Mummy Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenge and encouraged me to sign up. I am so glad I did!!
I have been following the challenges ever since July 2014 and I seriously love them. I lost 27kg before falling pregnant this time around and feel healthy, fit and fun again.
At the beginning, with 30kg to lose, I broke my weight loss goals down into 5kg increments and made some lifestyle goals too.
My lifestyle goals were to be able to fit on a swing at the park (I swear they make them smaller and smaller) and to go on the trampoline with my son (he was getting one for his birthday).
Being able to do these things and be a healthy and fit mummy were the most important drivers for change for me! And because I made lifestyle goals along with weight loss goals, it helped keep me focused on the main reason I was making these changes – to live a healthy lifestyle with my family.
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Now that I’m pregnant I’m doing everything I can to give my body the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy. I’ve switched to using the Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothies and I’m still following the 28 Day Challenges – though absolutely not for weight loss, mainly for the meal planning and I adjust the meals/calories to ensure I’m giving my body all the nutrients it needs to grow my little parasite!! I’m trying to do bootcamp 1-2x week, a 5km walk 1-2 x week and some yoga to help keep my body active and fit – ready for birth 🙂
I cannot talk the praises of the Healthy Mummy enough! As a working mum I love the convenience of having a quick, tasty and filling Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast on my work days. Five minutes to make breakfast so that Mr 3 and I can be ready to leave in the morning – I drink my smoothie on my drive into work, so awesome!
I love that the meals are quick and easy to prepare, I don’t have a lot of time to be in the kitchen, so 30mins prep and cook time is exactly what I need the meals on the plans to be! I also cook in bulk so that I have a freezer stash of yummy nutritious meals for the nights when I would have otherwise turned to takeaway.
I love that I can exercise at home, both the challenge exercises and the Healthy Mummy DVD mean that I’m not spending hours in the gym – for some people that works and fits with their lifestyle, but it’s just not something I can fit in.
I love that as a crazy busy mum (as we all are) Rhian has created something which is flexible enough to fit into my lifestyle, I love that the whole philosophy of Healthy Mummy is eating enough to fuel your body for long term sustainable weight loss and I love the support that I’ve found from other mums following the plans.
That’s one of the main reasons I became the local Healthy Mummy consultant for Canberra – so that I could build a local community of healthy mummies to share and provide the much needed support we all need on our health and lifestyle journeys. I love being a Healthy Mummy.
Lauren x

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If you are in the Canberra District you can contact Lauren as sheis a Healthy Mummy Consultant and you can chat to her directly in her Local Support Group
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